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    About me:
    My name is Andrei Buletin, also known as user AndreiBuletin
    Expertise: 3D modeling for 3D printing, 3D modeling for CNC routing, 3D modeling for renderings, 3D modeling for high poly and low poly assets that are used in mobile game production pipeline.
    I am an advanced user of Rhinoceros 3D, Catia V5, 3DS Max and Photoshop.
    Experience: I have over 8 years experience in the 3D industry
    https://picasaweb.google.com/101961236109058699091/Portfolio ?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCKez4Jb-mLL4Rg&feat=direct link
    Rate: I am working hourly based and I use the same hourly rate for all projects, meaning 10$/hour
    Contact: andreibuletin@gmail.com
    Please contact me first in order to provide you a quotation and a time scale.
    Thanks in advance!

    !!!!UPDATE: Starting next week, I am offering to the clients the possibility of visualization and reviewing their files in realtime, using only an internet browser (other than Internet Explorer which does not support this). The clients will be able to rotate and zoom the model with just the mouse using the left click and the scroll. This way, the clients will be able to actually view the entire model, not only just a few renders of the model.
    For a demo, check the Sample file attached, download and open it in any internet browser, other than Internet Explore ( use the right click and "Open with" function ).
    I hope you enjoy this new feature!

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  5. justmia
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    Greetings: My friends and I have some shapeways designs that need a bit of "tweeking", plus want to make a stainless steel brand for an upcoming Burning Man event. The brand we need is a simple one. We need a reverse printing of the words "Burnal Equinox" in Ariel Bold font, measuring 1& 1/4' for the outside diameter. The brand part (yes, we weld it on to a steel handle, put it in the fire, and brand leather and wood with it) has to be 1/4" thick, 3/16" of that is background, for a raised relief. We will pay for your time and for Shapeways to make it in stainless steel. (Hey, if you have an idea to make it more interesting, but still legible, we are open. I can send you some pictures of what we have for our other brands)

    We have 2 brands in Shapeways design that are not thick enough, so can get you the files to enlarge the outside circles.
    In addition, we have some little Burning Men necklaces that need the date below them changed from 2012 to 2013.

    Right now, we need to get moving on the Burnal Equinox brand, the event is March 2!

    Please let me know if this sounds like the job for you, and what you estimate the time will be for your services.

    We are in California, USA, where are you?

    Thanks so much,
    Mia Rice-Stone
  6. AndreiBuletin
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    Good evening, Shapeways users!
    I wanted to share with you one of my latest models done for a client, a Batman Cowl done to full scale.
    I hope you enjoy it!
  7. AndreiBuletin
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    Here is my new model, the 1999 Space Eagle.
    I hope you enjoy it!
  8. qvinto
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    Hi, I need to make a print of a bottle for my portfolio. Its very simple. Glass bottle, metal cap I made a very detailed vector diagram in Illustrator. Can you quote it for me? Please email me at qvinto@gmail.com

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    Here is my new creation, a Sterling Silver pendant .
    You can check the model in realtime,using just your internet browser(all,excepting Internet Explorer) at the link below, download the HTML page and open it in any other browser than Internet Explorer. Use left mouse click to rotate, scroll to zoom and Shift+left mouse click to pan.
    I hope you enjoy it!
    pendant silver.jpg
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    I am an inventor and needed some precision parts designed in CAD for 3-D printing. I hired Andrei Buletin and couldn't be happier! His work was excellent and he provided fast turnaround. His prices are also very fair for the high quality of work he provides. I have just given him more parts to design and I am recommending him to all of my friends that need CAD work.

    Harlan Cooper
    Shapeways member
  12. Mechanoid
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    I hired Andrei to model a ship for me. Andrei was from the start a true professional.
    Andrei kept a positive line of communications open. Sent me updates on the ship,
    asked for my input, listened to what suggestions I had, and came thru like a true champion.

    Andrei is a modeler, that in my view, is worth dealing with for those very reasons.
    Prices are very fair. Doesn't take your money, then ignore you, or put your project on the back burner.
    Andrei says something, you can take it too the bank. In My Honest Opinion.

    Andrei, you stepped up to the challenge, and proved your worth.
    Your positive, upbeat, willing, eager, and your polite.
    Rare traits in the human race these days.

    Samantha/ Mechanoid
    @The Verse
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    I just finished a project with Andrei and I am very pleased with the services Andrei was able to provide. His professionalism and skill are outstanding. Lines of communication were open and easy, and the work was done in the promised amount of time for the reasonably quoted price. I will use Andrei again for my next project!

    Blake Sinclair

    New Shapeways member
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    Uh.. no.. please discuss your affairs offline.

    It doesn't belong here in the public forum.

    From the forum rules:

    Think before you post
    Some things can be upsetting, but take a breath before you shoot back. If you're being demeaning, or are hurling personal attacks on others, you probably won't make many friends. Plus you run the risk of being banned. And that sucks. Please don't make us do that.
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    <<Message edited by moderator. Please keep these discussions private>>

    Is there a Shapeways-acceptable way to review contractors, or to warn other people of potential problems?

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    Buyer (and Patron) Reviews been discussed here in the forum some before, but Shapeways hasn't found a good way to do it. The trouble is that things can escalate out of hand quickly, and certain comments can reach the extent of slander. Shapeways can't afford to let things get that far out of line.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience.
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    As Stony said, this part of the forum exists for people to find each other, but Shapeways can not vet, recommend, nor mediate in these transactions.

    We are working on a better way for 3D modellers and people with ideas to find each other, but for now this is the only place.

    I am sorry if there were miscommunications, but please do keep these discussions private.