3D cube puzzle

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  1. nsalmoria
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    I printed this lovely puzzle by Frank Worrell, called "Cubed" (http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~rh5k-isn/Puzzle/555/Cubed/). The site where the design was taken from is a gold mine of interlocking and put-together puzzles, and it allows reproducing the puzzles for personal use.

    The assembled puzzle, beautifully elegant in its simplicity. The side is 3cm:

    Cubed assembled.jpg

    The puzzle works perfectly, neither too tight nor too loose. After 13 moves, the first piece is about to come out:

    Cubed first piece.jpg

    The six pieces:

    Cubed disassembled.jpg
  2. richgain
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    Very nice. Well done! Especially if you got the tolerances right for a good fit first time.
    Good photos too.

  3. Rich Josephson
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    Nice job! It looks like fun to say the least.

    Rich J