3D Character Artists available for Freelance Work

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  1. JadeEyePanda
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    Character Artist Brian Choi

    Portfolio: choib.blogspot.com

    Email: choib@usc.edu

    If you need to sculpt a character or similar object, I'm available for freelance work. Feel free to contact me if you want to get a project completed. :)

    Some samples from my portfolio:

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  2. JadeEyePanda
    JadeEyePanda New Member
    Some additional pieces:

  3. ShaneKeefe
    ShaneKeefe New Member

    We are looking for a character modeller that is proficient in making a 2d image into a 3d (frontal) printable file (such as .STl etc) which can be printed using a Replicator 2.

    We are seeking someone available to make continuous models for our ongoing business needs.

    Thank you,

    Shane Keefe