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    Hi Everybody I am alex. I'm 24 years old and have knack for 3D modeling and design. It started when I was a freshman in college, some guy was sitting in a computer lab for hours while I was writting an essay. He was creating a desk fan using solidworks. When he was done, I could have sworn I saw the fan moving its different parts lifelike. I was so impressed I decided to look into it and ask the guy about what he was doing. A semester later I began taking courses and now 5 years in the making I can create just about anything in 3D. Of course my skills are routed in Autodesk's Inventor software and I mostly create robots and things with wheels, motors and gears. But over the years I've seen and done some pretty wild things on the computer. Needless to say I'm still learning alot. Essentially what I want to do now is sort of start an online website where other people's tutorials get organized into a massive database along with some of my own tutorials because from my experience even though there is alot of info out there on the web, its not like the stuff is organized and its actually really scattered and pretty hard to find at times. Anyhow, I thought I would also have some sort of online store selling 3D printed products to customers. In short, I dont really know where to start, I have tens of thousands of 3D model files on my computers and hard drives and cant really get them organized. So in the meantime I figured I could go to a website that would allow me to sell 3D printed products easily and thats how I found shapeways. I'm still getting the basic jist of it, but essentially I want to create things both that I imagine, and that others imagined. Then sell them at really low prices here, and eventually when Im done creating my own website, link it to this store and turn the whole thing into a business. I really enjoy creating 3D models, my name is alex and this is my my new world.