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    I am a mechanical engineer with over 15 years experience in new product design and development. I have worked on everything from high end consumer products and sporting goods to military hardware and everything in between. I also work with chemical, electrical and optical engineers for those projects that require them. Feel free to call or email for free advice or to ask general questions.

    I work from home with zero overhead so my rates are highly competitive and my work is on par with any major design firm, at a fraction of the time and cost. I use various networking programs that give my clients access to my system, so they can view my screen as I work, allowing them to take an active part in the design process. I also provide 3D files at critical intervals which can be viewed on your system without having to purchase design software. I will provide a link to all required programs upon request.

    I can provide cost effective conceptual designs with 3D prints or complex assemblies ready for manufacture. However big or small your project is, I can get the job done at an affordable cost. My primary focus is to determine what the clients short and long term goals and needs are and help guide them through the process of product development in order to help them avoid pitfalls and money traps. Getting from A to Z with as little cost and time is the key to success, especially for small start up companies.

    Deliverables always include the following;

    Native Solidworks files
    STEP files used in manufacturing / programming CNC
    STL files used for 3D print
    EPRT files used to view 3D files on your end using free 3D viewing software available on line
    2D drawing used in manufacturing

    I can also provide provisional patent write ups and assist in licensing or manufacture.

    NDA, portfolio and professional references are available.

    For further reference, the following link is an article that was done about me and my work experience;

    http://www.mechanicaldesignforum.com/content.php?179-Design- for-Defense-Lyman-Bishop-mechanical-engineering-consultant

    Lyman Bishop

    Shown below is the TAC-BALL, designed to serve as an electronic flash bang substitute. See the link below for YouTube videos showing various tests being conducted on the TAC-BALL.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeVfFNUzH2w&list=FLOEnBX wcBeKQvaEn8wU5smA&index=6
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-Hej_Z6iD4&list=FLOEnBX wcBeKQvaEn8wU5smA&index=5

    TAC-BALL Final.png
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    This is a rocket that was designed for the television series "Sons of Guns" on Discovery Channel. They had designed a non-lethal rocket based deterrent to protect vessels from pirates off the coast of Africa. The engineers at Red Jacket Firearms had some issues with the initial design, primarily due to errant trajectories. Those problems were solved through the use of the design I developed shown below. By making the nose cone and tail fins the same diameter it was better able to maintain proper alignment through the tube as it was launched.

    See the link below for a YouTube video showing a test rocket being fired down range. The version we tested was inert, for obvious safety reasons, however the accuracy was incredible. Good job to Sgt. Lonnie Young for putting himself in harms way while manning the camera.


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  3. Thank you Lyman for the work you did on my project. I love the fact that you can log me into your system remotely and the 3D viewer files you sent were very helpful. All of your final deliverable files were perfect and the manufacturer was able to easily access them and use them for the fabrication of my mold tools. I will definitely use your services again in the future. You were very professional and patient. I had no idea that product development could be so easy. Great work.

  4. everit's firstyone that's been working on that project for a long time and had several people that was willing to help wanted to help but did not have the visionso then I step out on faith and I hired lyman bishop and after working on my project for 4 years with several different people after a few days l was able to see progress on my project that I have never seen . in the past it was confusion and frustration within a couple of days of working with lyman bishopI great work lam not that familiar with cad program or 3d imaging but not only is he working on my project Mr bishop is a great communicator he is also teaching me about these programs.Mr bishop is very confident and comfortable in what he's doing and he also makes you very comfortablewith no matter what questions you ask he will let you know if he knows it or if he needs to research it or he knows.l
    come to let you know Mr Bishop is the real deal when it comes to pull your idea out of your head and put it down.
    so not only is Mr bishop taking care of this project of mine he's also will be handling the next four projects of mind.
    I challenge 50 people that have complications of certain problems with the project to hire Mr Bishop right now.
    And let us us stay in touch with each other and watch how all projects come to life I will be sending weekly reports if you have any questions you can reach out to me . and remember it only takes 50 projects to have success .thank you very very very much Mr bishop
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    Hybrid Pedestal Exlpoded.JPG

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    Prototype swim fin for professional bodyboarder. Now in production.

    252084_218264628197999_100000433897601_776545_3811857_n[1].jpg 248917_218264158198046_100000433897601_776541_161790_n[1].jpg 253744_218264314864697_100000433897601_776542_833215_n[1].jpg
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  7. very professional and fast
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    Here is a simple, but very cool, ring I designed and printed here at Shapeways using standard, unpolished "raw" silver.

    helical ring.jpg
    helical gear ring.JPG
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  9. What a great experience! Lyman is very professional, has excellent communication skills and most importantly designed a great product for my start-up company which will manufacturer consumer housewares products. The project was completed ahead of schedule. Lyman was able to complete the project in Solidworks using just a photographic reference. We will definitely use his services for future projects!
  10. Finding the right person to work with is the toughest job of all! Whether you're just starting out and have a product idea that you need help executing or you're an advanced designer in need of a sophisticated model, Lyman is the 3D modeler for you!

    I found Lyman on Shapeways after a few bad experiences with modelers-for-hire, and am so happy I did. Lucky for me he lived close by, so I had the opportunity to visit his workshop in person and got to see his previous digital work and projects he is exploring as well as initial prototypes he has printed (or otherwise manufactured) in various materials. I knew immediately that he wasn't out to screw me over. Since our initial meeting, Lyman has worked with me on two homeware products that needed to balance aesthetics with mechanics and functionality and a dozen or so jewelry products with fine detail. As I tend to have many projects on my table at once, all at various stages, I sometimes need a little push on one or the other and Lyman does that well. He will call, email and text with questions and models for me to review even if he hasn't heard from me and, through TeamViewer, will share his screen so that we can talk out confusing areas of a project together: trim a surface here, bend a curve more there. His background in mechanical engineering is an advantage when it comes to making the 'fuzzy' real.

    Lyman is concise, professional, personable, patient, clear, technical and imaginative all at once. More than this, it's obvious he loves what he does and has an ethical approach to business. A dream!

    Thank you, Lyman. More ideas heading at yah. :)
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  11. Lyman did a great job on my project. I needed a camera mount completed and he built something quick and--most importantly--incredibly functional, exceeding the scope of responsibility that I had originally laid out. will work with in the future!
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    catchers mask.JPG

    This is a new catchers mask design I created for a major league player. Now in pre-production.
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    This is a water injection device designed for a water services company in California used to refill aquifers at a rate of 140,000,000 million gallons per day.

    Vortex Mixing System.JPG
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    This is a project I have been involved with for many years, finally now moving into full scale production.

    The worlds most advanced body armor system.

    All Parts.JPG
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    design services available

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    2015 advanced body armor system. Now moving into production.

    R2015 assembly iso.JPG
    R2015 chest front.JPG
    R2015 shoulder plate front.JPG
    R2015 side plate front.JPG
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    See below; advanced body armor; hard armor deltoid plates with cage type / plate frame carrier designed for Hoplite Armor, www.hoplitearmor.com

    R2015 SPF Rev3 front.JPG
    R2015 SPF Rev3 rear.JPG
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    Some minor variations. Production runs now in progress. Updated photos coming soon.

    R2015 SPF Rev5 side.JPG R2015 SPF Rev5 front.JPG R2015 SPF Rev5 back.JPG
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    The finished product. Now available for pre-order at www.hoplitearmor.com