3D artist needed for scale model aircraft project RHINO preferred

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    I'm looking for an estimate from a skilled 3D modeler who is familiar with modeling aircraft. This project involves creating a solid model of a world war 2 low wing monoplane fighter in 1:48 scale, which I can then take and carve it up for actual production. I would prefer a Rhino NURBS file, as this is the program I work in. My skills are coming along, but I still cannot yet do it all to my satisfaction. The modeler should understand the subtleties of joining wings to fuselage, understand the concept of how ailerons and flaps work, and should be able to replicate fabric covered control surfaces. A background in the toy or model industry would likely be an asset. I can handle engine, cockpit, and other details. If interested, please forward a few screen captures of your past work. I will respond with a few photos and a 3-view plan of the specific aircraft we will be building.

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    Mark Buchler
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