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  1. sorhain
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    About me:
    I'm a 3D modeler and I am looking for creative jobs. I graduated from Tyler School of Art at Temple University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics, Metals, Jewelry and CADCAM.

    I have been using Rhinoceros4.0/5.0 for 3+ years. I also have experience in Flamingo Raytrace/Nxt, Magics and Zedit, RhinoCAM, and Desk Proto.

    Managed many projects from inception to fabrication, and assisted students in the above stated programs. References available upon request.

    Work completed for other freelance clients http://www.corinnehansen.com/Freelance
    Resume here but also attached as a word document: http://www.corinnehansen.com/Resume


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  2. sorhain
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    Here is an example of a project I recently completed for a client.

    wheel weight valve.jpg
  3. DarakuTenshi
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    Thank you Sorhain for the work you did for me designing this spinner. It was just as I wanted it! Oh, and thank you for getting the job done so quickly. I've been trying to get someone to do this for me since around December... I wish I would have found you back then.

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  4. sorhain
    sorhain New Member
    Thank you DarakuTenshi for providing me with this wonderful opportunity! I am glad I was able to provide what you needed in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with you!
  5. JDEZ
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    hi my name is John, i made a ring in college rhino class and i dont have the software to fix the size of it anymore, can u make the proportions printable ? how much does this correction cost? the ring link is here:
    thank you for your time
  6. sorhain
    sorhain New Member
    Dear John,
    Thank you for your time and consideration. I have sent you a pm.
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  7. dinhohc
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    I'm trying to print a hammer in ceramic through Shapeways, I have been trying unsuccessfully to adapt the model that I have to be possible to print on ceramic. Think you can help me in this project? It's a college project.
    Sending the model hammer attached paara that you take a look, and pictures of some nails that would also like to model and print.

    I'm waiting for news.

    sorry my english ....
  8. sorhain
    sorhain New Member
    Dear dinhohc,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I have sent you a pm.