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    I am in need of a 3D model of a NYC 4 story townhouse and 3D model of each corresponding floor plan. I do not want color or the look of trying to make it realistic, I am looking for more of a sketch like, bare-boned, simple and sleek look to it. NYC townhouse are very narrow, sometimes has 2 kitchens in it.I have uploaded an image for an example but am very open to room for interpretation.

    This will not be used to be printed out, it will be used as images for a website. Please send me any work you would like to show along with a price and how long it will take to make. I look forward to a reply. Thank you.

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  3. AleaGray
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    Hi !

    Here is my Portfolio, I can help you out with that.


    Hope you like my work !
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    Nice Portfolio KUBZ
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    yup that is me, i was in a bit of a accident and lost track of everything .
    I have to get back on that as well.
    for the anytime
    , Please look at the pics and let me know what you think.
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    I hope you're alright. I thought it might have been something like that. I've had a look at the pictures and its definitely something I could do. As there are lots of different bones and its very detailed it would take quite alot of time to do. At a rough estimate I would imagine it could take as long a 1 week per object but until I would start its not a definite. Would you be able to send the object over as this would help me alot to ensure I get the detail correct?

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    Dear sir
    i have good experience 3d design realistic exterior and interior
    I will do this job right time
    Thanks for your


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  8. I0NX
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    I can definitely do the 3D model for you !
    And I think within a day. It's geometrical stuffs, so simple.
    Please feel free to contact me to let me start with that !