3D and 2D rendering needed for refrigerator magnet

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by AmigoBB, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. AmigoBB
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    I need a graphic designer/3D modeler for two refrigerator magnets I want to 3D print. I would also like to have cartoon-ish illustrations done at the same time for other reasons.

    Both magnets will be roughly 3"x2.5"x0.6"

    blaise at uspig dot net is my email address, new to the forum, don't know if I can post email address so mods may delete if necessary.


  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    emails are fine, just make sure you post about your community experience when completed.
  3. mctrivia
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    it would help if you post a little more about what you need done? Mainly is it organic or not. Many designers only work on 1 or the other and those that do both probably charge differently for which it is.

    if you look in my shop(click go to shop button) you will see all my models are non organic. They can all be broken down in to exact mathematically definable shapes. Youknowwho also models in this way to what I can see. baroba on the other hand does mostly organic models.

    any other information is helpful but at least let us know what type of modeler you need.
  4. AmigoBB
    AmigoBB New Member
    pigmagnet.jpg I have one photo of one of the magnets. To answer the above question, I would say my shapes are organic, since they are both going to be in the shape of animals. I made this prototype out of bakelite clay.The other one will be a cow.
  5. mctrivia
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    that example is kind of in the middle. It is not easily broken down in to mathematical components but being essentially 2d it would not be hard to do so. Now if you wanted the parts to look like the organs that would be a completely different thing.

    As an aside if you make a model you can always use your camera and something like http://www.123dapp.com/catch#catchApps to make a 3d model of it. results will never be as pretty as a cad modeler can do but if the model is complex then it is the cheapest method.
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