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  1. Marc_van_Megen
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    A heart created by 365 smaller hearts, symbolizing the love you feel for someone being built up of the many little things you love the person for.

    The 365 hearts can also represent the 365 days in a year; time is materialized.

    Love and time in harmony in a unique silver jewel.

    Christel Hagens has helped me excellently with opening my shop: http://shpws.me/mEZf

    A video of all hearts growing together into the larger one can be watched with this url.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqPK9T1dosQ&feature=youtu .be

    Hope you enjoy my creation,


    365 hearts Final - 674 x 501 - portret en close up.jpg
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  2. stonysmith
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    Where's the love for Leap Day? <GRIN>
  3. Marc_van_Megen
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    It will get it's special version.
  4. DavidMulder
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    @Marc van Megen: Getting a "Sorry, you don't have permission to perform this action." when I am trying to open your model. Are you sure you made it public? Either way, awesome idea :D
  5. Marc_van_Megen
    Marc_van_Megen New Member