$350 for one thing??

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  1. gdktllc
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    I uploaded my first model today. Its a small handle for use on a project I've got at home.

    To be made from steel, shapeways is telling me the cost would be around $350, though the total volume of the shape (NOT including the fact that the piece is full of holes) is less than 3.5 cubic centimeters

    I was under the impression that it would cost $10-$11 per cm^3

    I'm guessing that there is something wrong with my file, as the image shows up as a small handle with a large amount of space around it.

    any suggestions?


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  2. robert
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    I took a look at your model. It is actually 39.17cm3 and not 3.5cm3. Maybe you got your scale wrong?

    For the rest your model looks fine to me.


  3. gdktllc
    gdktllc New Member
    Yes, I'd thought that might've been the problem, but originally, the dimensions were roughly .333cm x 1.2cm x 12cm....

    As I wrote the last few numbers down, I realized the unites had been swapped. For some reason I must have mixed something up in that department - otherwise the similarity between these incorrect dimensions and the real ones are eerily similar

    Thanks for your help!