30mm Blood Bowl figures

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    I am looking for someone to clean/repair my models. Sadly, as I am on a budget, I need estiamtes first (please in american or canadian currency).

    I included an obj showing just how badly I have made the model and a few images to show what my desires are.

    This obj is one of 16 models. Of the 16 there are 4 basic body designs(shown in the picture BBsize) which are in differing poses. The models will range from 30mm to 35mm tall and be printed in solid FUD. I am not sure what is easier, cleaning 16 meshes or cleaning the 4 and posing them as I have. I can provide the 4 templates objs, each looking as they do in the BBsize image and a posed obj of all 16. What I am looking for is a single surface mesh where the clothing is completely connected to the body suitable for printing. (I can provide objs of each individual part of this model if needed). I can go into greater detail but for an estimate I do not wish to waste your time.

    There will also be a second set of 17 models in 2 body shapes. One is 32mm the other is 40mm. This one will require a bit of modeling. First the back will have a plate in the shape of a maple leaf (positioned like the round one in the BBBlitzer obj) which will have numbers. The second is an extrusion what will appear as a form fitted clothing along the green lines in the CMtemplate image. As well the maple leaf will extrude the same distance as the sides. I hope I am explaining that well. Again I can go into greater detail.

    I am not sure if I will include bases or not yet. If I do these will have to be added to the model.

    I do thank you for your time in looking at these and hope I am able to find someone to work with.

    BBsize by Islandtrevor, on Flickr

    CMtemplate2 by Islandtrevor, on Flickr

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    I'm having a look over your model. It looks like it shouldn't be hugely complicated to fix. Do you still have the model from before it was subdivided? That'd make things a lot simpler and would factor into the amount of time needed to do the changes to each model significantly.