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    I'm the designer of the Torq Roadster and I have the original full size CAD files. I've shrunk the model to about a 7" size. It's still a pretty complex model and I know still has a lot of holes. I'm unable to figure out how to fill/repair the holes with netfabb, hitting repair doesn't seem fix them. There's probably several internal surfaces and possibly some untrimmed ones. There's a screen shot of what I've found on Netfabb.

    Attached are also a bunch of screenshots of the model. All surfaces are bigger than 2mm. The steering wheel is about 2.25mm thick. I suppose the details in the drivers fingers would be lost, but that's ok. I'm guessing supporting this vehicle on 3 wheels would be risky structurally, so I've added 3 other subtle supports underneath. The colors will be slightly different from these images, but how do you specify each of the colors?

    We're hoping to have a couple models ready to be in San Diego for April 5th (which will probably be tight).

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    May I suggest running that thru cloud.netfabb.com?
    but.. even in the standalone version.... While in Repair mode, click the Actions tab, and then both of the "Close Holes" buttons.
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    It was so bad it took me around 40 hours to fix it! :D

    The forum is broken. It's marking things I've already read as unread and old threads are popping up.