3 wheeled roadster - Repair and color needed - hire

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    Need to hire someone for help.

    I've created the model to about a 7" size to be printed in sandstone. It's still a pretty complex model and I know still has a lot of holes. I'm unable to figure out how to fill/repair the holes for printing, 'Close holes' still didn't repair them correctly. There's probably several internal surfaces and possibly some untrimmed ones. There a screen shot of the results from Netfabb. You can see my rim design gets surfaced over after repairing.

    All surfaces are bigger than 2mm. The steering wheel is about 2.25mm thick. I suppose the details in the drivers fingers would be lost, but that's ok. I'm guessing supporting this vehicle on 3 wheels would be risky structurally, so I've added 3 other subtle supports underneath.

    Is there someone I can hire to make these fixes, ensure the colors are applied in the correct places and ensure the model is good for printing? I can supply the Obj when needed. The file was originally created in Autodesk Alias so I have the original wire/IGES or STEP if that's easier.

    We need a quick turn around as well,

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    Convert it to a STL and then send it to the Netfabb Cloud Service. That should fix the overall topology and then you'll have to reapply the colors for Shapeways' Full Color Sandstone. If the Netfabb Cloud Service cannot fix it send it to me and I'll it fix for you for free. I would want the OBJ not any of the solid files. I'll also need the OBJ material map for the textures if you have it or an image showing where the colors go.