3 modler needed for a 3d shape of heart

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  1. pinisiluk
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    hello !
    i need some one who can make a 3d model shape like heart (photo attached) for me to print with shapeways.
    application to


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  2. Vidalcris
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    Mail sent.
  3. johnot
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    I happen to have a heart model I've used for another project that can be modified and scaled for your print job. I can work with you to exact the right features you would like displayed on your heart model. If you see the attached image, I animated a veterinary medicine video and modeled a heart to show vital signs, heartbeats, etc.

    Here is a link to renders from recent medical projects. http://johnot.viewbook.com/album/johnotmedical I create models for movies, and enthusiasts in many fields.

    Best Regards,

    John O.T.