3-D Newb needs help with manifold problems (I know....)

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by birdie15, Dec 5, 2009.

  1. birdie15
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    Guys, I'm new to 3d design. I've been using sketchup to draw some parts. I uploaded the first one to Shapeways as a VMRL and got the manifold error message.

    I can't find any way of finding or eliminating the manifold errors in Sketchup.

    Can any of you guys help me out?

    I've attached the orignal sketchup file and the WRL.



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  2. Dotsan
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  3. birdie15
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    Hi Virtual V,

    Thanks so much :)

    I am having problems with the dimensions when uploading to shapeways. The original model was drawn using centimetres in Sketchup.

    If I upload using the millimetres or metres default, it comes out as too small or too large - the numbers are correct but the units don't translate over correctly.

    How should I correct this?


  4. birdie15
    birdie15 New Member
    Manged to scale it correctly with Accutrans, thanks again for the work :D
  5. dadrummond
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    Following up on this: It would be great -- and probably not difficult -- for SW to support "centimeters" as a scale option on uploading STL files. At least in Blender, the natural coordinates for modeling (using the default grid size, default view, typical scale of a SW object given current pricing, etc.) seem to match 1 unit = 1 cm most closely. Allowing cm as a scale option might lower an unnecessary barrier.
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