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    I am new to 3-D printing.

    I submitted a simple design for 2D-3D production that was rejected. It is intended for a lapel pin or a brosche.

    The engraved part in the center - which is a repetition of the main design - apparently cannot be printed.

    See image attached:

    Dimensions: cm: 2.882 w x 2.882 d x 0.198 h

    Shapeways wrote:

    "The file contains shells which aren't attached correctly, printing it will result in them not being attached and getting lost in the printing process. Please overlap the parts so they will bee seen as one."

    I would like to print this in plastic - alumide - and in metal such as silver or bronze.

    Can someone tell me how to correct this - suggest the right software - or do it for me?

    Many thanks



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  3. arsadastra
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    Dear Jacant

    Thanks for your reply.

    Your image looks exactly what what I need.

    If you can provide this as a design template that can be printed please let me know via PM what it would cost.


  4. arsadastra
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    Many Thanks,

    I will give it a try!!