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  1. henryseg
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    This is a 4-dimensional polytope, so like a 3-dimensional polyhedron (tetrahedron, cube, octahedron etc.) but one dimension up. Just as an octahedron has 8 triangular faces, this has 24 octahedral "faces", hence the name. This is a distorted picture (because it's hard to draw things in 4 dimensions) - all of the edges are really the same length and thickness. Also, here's a video.
    24_cell_symmetry3_smaller.jpg 24_cell_symmetry4_smaller.jpg 24_cell_1_smaller.jpg 24_cell_2_smaller.jpg
  2. cadalu
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    Stunning model, I love it!
  3. Canuck
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    Very cool!
  4. Magic
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    4D-printing... You are one step ahead all of us, Henry... :D
  5. vertigopolka
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    I can never quite wrap my head around a 3D interpretation of a 4-dimensional object, but this model is fantastic, exquisite, and just gorgeous!
  6. henryseg
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    Thanks for the kind words!

    @vertigopolka: I'm planning to do a write up on the process for a conference, so hopefully it should be clearer from that.
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    Henry, this found its way into Friday Finds this week. Love it! :)

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