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Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by TekLetOfficial, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. TekLetOfficial
    TekLetOfficial New Member

    I need someone to help me either super cheap or free.
    I need someone who can help me make a 3d print ready design(cheaply from shapeways) to have printed for an iphone 4/4s and archos 43 internet tablet.

    Please, have prior iphone 4 work

    please let me know if you can. if you can only do one or the other, id prefer to start with the iphone 4 design.

    I dont have any steady pics, but do have a youtube video that has the 98% design to fit an iphone :


    please let me know if you can help and how much. (im unemployed and dont have much income)
  2. iFuzion
    iFuzion New Member

    I can help you, but will need more information to give you an accurate estimate. Please email me more details for what you are looking for at jeffrey@ifuzion.com

    I can turn the iPhone 4 quick.