2 colors without sandstone

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    If you do not want to paint (or otherwise post-process) the material, the only obvious choice is to construct it in two (or more) parts that can be snap-fit or glued together.
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    First off it will be quite expensive for a board of any size.

    Second, you could print it in one piece but use different textures for the different coloured squares. The board in the picture looks like it is made of glass that has been etched, for example.
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    You could do something in FUD or Transparent detail where you have a hollow area inside, with a small hole leading to the exterior or our software will remove it, but small enough for the support material not to drain. This would give you an effect similar to that of the etched glass board pictured.

    Note: Last that I heard, having trapped material is allowed for FUD and Transparent detail.

    Another note: this is using minimal material, in transparent detail it would cost almost $200. And would look something like this untitled.1391.jpg
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