10/17/12 Update

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    As some of you may have noticed, yesterday evening (EST) an update went out. If you haven't looked yet, go look at the new polished colors available for your models! Get them while they're hot (and 10 percent off until the 31st). A few things you probably haven't noticed yet: The new sample kits are available! Look at all those cool samples you can get. And we also boosted search power! so searches should be much quicker!

    A few things that we fixed:
    Co-Creators should be 100% up and running
    Vibe, and 2D to 3D creators are up and running
    And finally Gift Card bugs should be squashed

    If you would like to tell us how awesome these things are, please do! If you find an issue with anything, please let us know, but via the Bug section.

    That is all for now, we will have more cool news later today!
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