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  1. Have been using AC3D for a while now and thought about adding detail and exporting to STL. Wondering how well these will print up.
    Any thoughts?

    The first two represent this model....




    The next one represents this particular train...


    Thanks all...
  2. MitchellJetten
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    The models look great!

    As for printing them, I would not suggest those stairs below the front door, as they will most likely break during shipment.

    Also the rear mirrors on the front , they are quite fragile and will break easily, i suggest putting them in the inside of the train shell on a sprue so that it is protected by the train shell, and after printing, you break them off the model and glue them on the correct place.

  3. Thanks... great ideas there!
    Will alter the models and try them out. :)
  4. Just on the sprue ideas, what is the minimum suggested thickness at the point of attachment to the parts?

  5. Dragoman
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    If you put the parts in a protected place, the minimum as specified on the materials info pages is sufficient, especially if you use WSF.

    For more exposed parts, especially in "Detail" materials, I would use something like 50% over the minimum thickness. Also check out the detailed materials descriptions, they have some advice on thin parts.

    Also, if the part is large, smoothen a bit the point where sprue and part join, otherwise it tends to break easily in such a spot. I see a risk like that in the plate at the bottom of your first picture. Maybe also use two sprue links rather than one there.

    Karl Heinz
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  6. Thanks for the advice.

    Will do some test prints with different configurations and see how it all goes.