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    This is my first post on the forum here. I just wanted to share with you a very large project we are working on. We are in the final stages of designing a 1/8 scale model car that will have many of its mechanical parts manufactured by Shapeways.

    What you see in the pictures below is the main frame for the car. It is printed in SWF material. It measures about 12" (30.5cm) in length.

    The suspension arms were printed in the Alumide material. We were worried about strength in these parts and elected to use the stiffer Alumide.

    The toughest thing we have run into, in developing this model, is how to finish the SWF material to get the surface finish to an acceptalble level of smoothness with the least amount of work. We think we have it figured out.

    We sure wish there was something that could be done at Shapeways to help fill the pores up in the SWF material to help achieve a smoother finish.

    Here are a couple of pics of the project. I am interested in hearing your commensts.

    Thank You






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    Nice. Well, I for one would like to know more than "We think we have it figured out" !!

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    Hi Daytonim, welcome!

    These are quite a feast for the eyes. I'll check in with my coworkers at Shapeways, to see if there if there isn't some way to deal with that issue of smoothing down WSF.

    Best of luck!
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