1:64 Scale model of 1971 corvette needed

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    I need a 1:64 scale 3d model of a 1971 red corvette convertible with black interior. The model does not have to be very detailed, just as detailed as any hotwheels or matchbox car, because that's exactly what it is going to be used as. It will have to be suitable for 3d printing in full color sandstone. I attached a photo below. Except the model will need black interior. Contact me if you think you can do this, or if you need more info.

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    Hi my name is Jordan I am a 2D and 3D artist; I have done many projects for shapeways members and would love to help you with rhis project please email me at jordanbanks2001@yahoo.com

    I do have a shop here on shapeways and a website at www.jdfantasy.weebly.com

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