1:64 Railway Equipment

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  1. red_dog_six
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    Good day!

    I am looking to get some 3D done of some Newfoundland railway equipment done in 1:64 Sn42 scale.

    What information is required to get it done so it can be submitted to be made?

    Ontario, Canada
  2. stonysmith
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    The biggest thing in railway equipment is accurate dimensions.
    It's a major help if you have access to diagrams such as this one:
    http://research.nprha.org/NP%20Maintenance%20of%20Way%20Equi pment/Wrecking%20Crane%2045%2046%2047%2048.jpg
    but it also helps a lot to have a few photos of the actual railcar involved. Diagrams such as above don't supply very many details about the undercarriage, etc., so photos come in very useful.

    Several models in my shop http://shapeways.com/shops/stonysmith were designed directly from such diagrams.

    The one thing you will run into is that at 1:64, the models are going to consume enough material as to be quite expensive.