1:6 Scale Head Sculpts

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  1. rkapuaala
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    Albert Standing.jpg
    I've been working on 1:6 scale head sculpts for a few years now, but now, I've finally worked out how to connect them to their armatures.
    Albert head sculpt SW.jpg
    There are actually a several different ways to do this due to the fact that there are couple of armatures available for 1:6 scale figures. Each of them have small adapters and inserts for mounting a custom head. So far I have added those adapters to one head and I have built 2 3D model heads that have their connectors included.
    Alec head posed SW.jpg
    My Ben head sculpt fits the full neck adapter pin on the Hot Toys TTM18. The pin is larger on this adapter than it is on the neck of the Hot Toys no 1 armature which has a full neck with the smaller pin on top of it.
    alec head mounted SW.jpg
    The Abe Head sculpt fits the pin on the no 1 body fairly well.
    Abe head sculpt 1 SW.jpg
    The only problem is finding the right clothing for each figure.
    abe action figure 1.jpg
    I found Abe's clothes at a site called Battlegeartoys.com. They don't offer Abes classic broad clothe coat so it looks like I'm going to have to teach myself to sew again. I haven't sewn anything professionally in 47 years, hopefully it will be like riding a bike, but I doubt it.
    All the heads were test printed on my Duplicator 6 using hatchbox PLA at .02mm layer thickness then painted with Acrylic pants.
    fresh off my printer.jpg
    The prints turned out pretty good, but not as good as they would if Shapeways did them in FXD. I'll have to sell a few more models before I can replace them with better prints,,,, or by the new Duplicator 7.... I'll probably have Shapeways print them.
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    Impressive as usual. Methinks Einstein with lightsaber could be an interesting combination ...
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  3. rkapuaala
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    ABE custom body.jpg
    As I move on to the older version of Abe I'm finding that the off the shelf bodies aren't cutting it. I've decided that I need to make my own custom bodies to fit the various bodie types I will be needing. For one, they don't have a 6' 4" gangly body with a bot belly or any other kind of belly. So, I'm currently working on one.
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  4. rkapuaala
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    The sweater finally arrived all the way from China. It looks more like my orignal sculpt now.
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    Beautiful work, and for some reason I really love the image of Einstein hanging out with Gollum.

    "What has it got in its theorieses?"
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  6. rkapuaala
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    I think Albert is finally accepting spooky actions, but not at a distance; close up.
  7. rkapuaala
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    Fresh from my printer. It fits the same body as Lincoln. The suit is not as well fitting as I would like.
    jfk head sculpt SW.jpg
    The print paints up okay though it is not nearly as detailed as this head would be in Frosted Ultra Detail material (I forget the new name for the material).
    jfk head sculpt 2 SW.jpg
    But I do have to do a little work to clean up the neck line. I'm not sure how to proceed because the body's neck seems too short. The collar covers it. This may be because of the garment and not the proportions.
  8. Darkewulf
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    neck help pls.png How were you able to connect the heads to the bodies? I have a TBLeague figure (~1.5cm neck diameter, ~1cm ball joint connector) I'm trying to make a custom head for, and I'm at a complete loss for how to properly connect the two. This is what I've managed thus far:
  9. rkapuaala
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    In the photos above Obi wan is a no neck sculpt, Einstein is a full neck sculpt. Kennedy and Lincoln are partial necks. I also used 2 different bodies. I bought both on Amazon the Lincoln and Kennedy bodies were https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00UV7QAHO/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    And the Einstein and Obi wan were
    As you can see, the first body had a full neck.
    I printed all but the Einstein head on printer. As you can see from the above image, I include the insert for the ball joint just behind the jaw and at the base of skull.
    The ZYAQ body came with various neck joints to connect to. The Einstein head was attached similar to this image below,
    Notice the brown neck insert at the base of the Kalakaua head sculpt above.
    I'm attaching it to a ZYAQ body using their neck insert.
    Since his is a casting of the original 3D head (as was Einstein's) I have to drill a hole in the base of neck the same diameter as the insert. Then I use plumber's epoxy putty to transition the neck neck to the insert. At this point I also use the putty if I need to make the neck slightly longer, drilling the hole only deep enough to fit the top of the pin and leaving a gap that I fill with the putty.
    In your case, you won't need to drill if you're using an actual print as shown in your picture. If you're using the neck insert that came with the body, you will have to make sure that your print neck is long enough. If you're going to use the articulated neck attachment, you'll have to either model the hole for the ball joint before printing, or you will have model it with putty after the print arrives.
    However - the first method does not work on the body with the attached neck. You will need to design your own insert in the print to make it work properly. Hope that was helpful.
  10. Darkewulf
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    How is this? Internally, it looks a lot more like your Alec sculpt, now. I did some creative thinking and figured out the approximate length of the recess in the head, to allow for the body's neck. The round 'dome' part is approximately 1cm in diameter (to accomotade for the neck's ball-joint), extruded upwards by about 5mm, so there should be enough room for movement while still keeping the head from falling off. headsculpt WIP 3.png
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  11. Darkewulf
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    For reference, this is the body I am using. It stands 28.5cm tall without a headsculpt. The neck is about 1.6cm in diameter, and the ball joint is just a little bit under 1cm in diameter. body ref.jpg
  12. rkapuaala
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    That looks good, but I'd look at my Kennedy head sculpt if I were you. You will notice that I scooped out the jaw up to the chin so that he can look straight down when his head is tilted. Other than that, every thing looks fine. I can't speak for the depth of pin hole as your body is much different from those that I used.