1/48 Macross Diorama Figures - Misa, Basara, Mylene, And More

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    Sharing some joy. My recent order arrived and I am extremely satisfied with the print quality. All these are 1/48 scale figures I made for Macross VF-19 and VF-1. They can be found using "1/48" and the character's name. 1l48_BM_01.jpg 1l48_BM_02.jpg 1l48_BM_05.jpg 1l48_BM_07.jpg 1l48_Misa_Hot_Suit_01.jpg 1l48_Misa_Hot_Suit_04.jpg 1l48_Misa_Hot_Suit_05.jpg 1l48_Walkure_Spirit_00.jpg 1l48_Walkure_Spirit_06.jpg 1l48_Walkure_Spirit_02.jpg
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    That's really nice.
    I'm worried about the ankles.
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