1/350 Uss Oklahoma & Furutaka

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  1. CapHerlock
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    Hello everyone,
    I'd like to share with you my progress so far on two ship model kits I've been working on. These were both requested to me, along with the French battleship Alsace which I'm going to build later on. Here I'd like to present you the American battleship USS Oklahoma (BB-37) and the Japanese heavy cruiser Furutaka. Oklahoma is in her 1941 configuration as when she was sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor; she was a Nevada class battleship armed with ten 14in guns, while Furutaka is in her 1942 configuration as sunk during the battle of Cape Esperance. Lead ship in a class of two, Furutaka and Kako were heavily modernized in the 1930s, replacing the old 20cm guns in six single mounts with six 20.3cm ones in three twin turrets.
    I was asked a while ago to make the superstructure for Oklahoma, which I did complete, and now I'm working to finish the rest of the battleship which is progressing quite a bit, while Furutaka has been started just two days ago, building the hull shape and in need of torpedo bulges.
    I'll keep posting on this thread as the builds go on.

    Hope you like them, if you have any comment or question feel free to ask!


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  2. barkingdigger
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    Beautiful CAD-work, but at 1:350 scale I shudder to think what they will cost to print!
  3. CapHerlock
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    Thank you!
    Well it depends on how you see things. You're correct when you say they'll cost quite a bit, but the most expensive part is usually the hull, and I thin it down as much as I can while it retains the necessary strength so as not to collapse. Although being quite big usually it's around $50-80 for a 1/350 hull of a standard battleship (depending on the size, I'm making a guess now for Oklahoma), but I try to provide the most high-quality work I can with the most details, otherwise they won't be worth the price, don't you think?
    Also I started making 1/350 ships for myself to print, not caring much about cost, but since now people ask me for it I guess they have a rough idea on dimensions and price and may be willing to spend for it rather than a smaller kit. But yes, they're not cheap items! But I always try to keep an eye on the price so as to not overblow it - that wouldn't be fair to my customers.
  4. CapHerlock
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    *New update*
    The USS Oklahoma has been finished. Attached below are some renders of the finished model, although it is just to give an idea on how the assembled kit would look like.
    On the bottom are new renders on the progress of Furutaka, which hull and deck have been completed and detailed, now working on the superstructure and armament.

    Oklahoma.jpg Oklahoma1.jpg
    Oklahoma2.jpg Oklahoma3.jpg
    Oklahoma5.jpg Oklahoma7.jpg
    Furutaka.jpg Furutaka1.jpg
    Furutaka2.jpg Furutaka3.jpg
  5. rkapuaala
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    Beautiful models.
  6. CapHerlock
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    Thank you!
    I will be finishing Furutaka in the next few weeks and then I'll be working on another 1/350 scale model, this time an Alsace class battleship!