1/3000 Ship Models needed.

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  1. Coachofmany
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    I am looking for someone who can make approximately 1/3000 scale ships that will be used a master for plastic injection molding. The voids under the guns will have to be filled, flat hull (waterline) model, good detail but able to pull from a mold. Please PM me with approximate cost per ship, time frame to do each model. Please price that there will be ongoing ships of 24-50 over the next few months.
  2. AmLachDesigns
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    unfortunately I cannot help you with this, but I am interested to know where you will get your injection molding done (the States I guess). Any tips for a n00b to injection molding?

  3. Coachofmany
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    I am a ship modeler and product designer as well, i have lots of data on ship models, i think i am able to help you. Please contact me for details: vincinpoyahoo.com.hk

    Vincent Po