1/300 tabletop terrain stuff

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    So that's how kids feel on christmas... :D


    The watch tower and the retail shop were printed in polished WSF.
    Probably White Detail would be better, but pWSF is very useful for medium buildings without too much details.

    The white missile turret was printed in pWSF, too.
    Seems to me that wasn't the best idea. ^^ As I can see on the other white turret White Detail (or Transparent Detail) is the better choice for such tiny things.

    The socket for the turrets is made from Black Detail. I just wanted to see if there's a feelable difference to the surface of White Detail.

    The aerofoil tower was printed in Frosted Detail.
    Even with the min. allowed wall thickness (0.5mm), strenghtened with some additional 0.5mm struts, it feels firm.
    However, I will fill it with gypsum or resin, just to be sure. ^^

    Seriously, I'm really impressed about the quality. :)

    the expected delivery date was September, 27th ... and it arrived yesterday. :thumbsup:
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    Not so long ago,
    in a place not so far away.
    I built my models with several layers of cardstock. I covered the unperfect edges with GreenStuff, and strengthen the walls with toothpicks before I filled the models with plaster.

    (clickable thumbnail)

    Compared with the stuff I receive from Shapeways, you might notice some barely perceivable qualitative differences. :laughing:

    These two were interesting...

    (clickable thumbnail)

    I used two sprues to connect them, so they can pass the production as one piece. The sprues had predetermined breaking points - 1mm thick and 0,8mm tall.
    I bent them 90° about 20 times - and then I took a blade. ^^
    "Strong & Flexible" is a little bit more strong&flexible than I expected. :thumbsup: :D