1:285 Aircraft Modeller(s) wanted

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  1. Aethulred
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    Want one or more 3D modellers to make detailed aircraft that can then be used to make metal masters for casting wargame figures.
    These 1:285 scale models will be aircraft from the mid 1030s through modern Jets and will need to be fakirly exact with some distortion in wing thickness for sturdiness. Have a fairly long list of potential models to work down.
    BAROBA New Member
    I think I can help you out :)
    I <3 aircraft :D
    And I modeled already some planes and tried to get them printed.
    The biggest problem is the wings, they are very difficult to get printed, usually because of the thickness.
    Also details is a problem, you can't get every detail in.
    For one it is extremely expensive to let a modeler make every detail, secondly, shapeways accepts only 500,000 polygons ( still a lot of polygons, but you wont get panellines and revits)



  3. Aethulred
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    The TA-152 is very nice and what I am looking for... here are some other examples of what I have put together:

    I would like to provide a new model each month if that isn't too much work. I also have learned to order similar models at one time, so as an example, the American B-25 is desirable in three versions, the B-25C, The B25J and the B-25H... the differences are perhaps 10-15% of the entire model, so you do one and then adapt a copy saving a lot of 3D work.

    I am prepared to pay $20 for a single engined model, $30 for a twin engined model and talk about any odd balls... the Twin engined Northrop F-5A is really a single engined effort while a PBY-5A would probably be much more than a normal Twin engined aircraft. I also provide a flight (3 or 4 models depending on the Air Force and organization) of the metal models we cast up from your master. That of course is negotiable too.

    We do not want to be in competition with you, so anything we purchase, we would want you to not make or sell in similar scales (say 1:200 to 1:400, but you could produce and sell it in other scales if you wish. Please let me know any concerns you may have and lets see if we can't work out something.

    Oh, and for wing thickness... we normally have to increase the wings scale thickness to make them strong enough to use in war games... it's seldom noticeable, but necessary.