1/200 Helicopters

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  1. marcovz
    marcovz Member
    Hi all,

    I have searched the marketplace, but i can't find any military helicopters in the scale 1/200 !?
    Is there a reason that nobody makes them in that scale or is it something else ?
    Is it possible to create them on request ?

    Greetings Marc
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  2. MitchellJetten
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  3. glehn
    glehn Well-Known Member
    I have noticed an increased interest in1/200 models recently, so I am slowly rescaling my 1/144 models to 1/200. I already have a few at my shop.
    @MitchellJetten , thanks for the link. I noticed that my Kamov Ka-15 model had a wrong scale facet set. I fixed it and your link displays 8 models now. :)

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  4. marcovz
    marcovz Member
    The increased interest in scale 1/200 is because { i think } there are more and more plane models in that size.
    people want to make diorama's, including myself.
    you can find almost everything in scale 1/200 except helicopters { blackhawk, kiowa, apache, etc } and boats { rihb, small military vessels }
    So i hope that someone can make these items for a fair price and i can recommand it on the different 1/200 scale forums ;)
  5. BeardedNinja
    BeardedNinja Member
    Being interested in scale model kits, I am not too familiar with that many 1:200 scale models

    Some are newer ship kits, and at least one old ship kit.

    Aircraft kits tend to be: 1:144, 1:72, 1:48 and larger. Some ship kits are also in 1:144 scale.
  6. Carlos2k10
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  7. southernnscale
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    I do mostly Z 1:220 Scale which are also a Scale for model trains. I'm also looking for Helicopter for my designed 3D helicopter tower platform. but Most seem out of scale blades are really thick. look not proto type! The helicopter here is store bought a while back but can't find them now! thanks for the link to the helicopters! Carlos Try a few in Z scale 1:220
  8. Carlos2k10
    Carlos2k10 Well-Known Member
    Hi Walter,

    The blades question is sort of a dilemma, I can make them thinner
    but this increases the possibilities of breakage during production.

    I learnt this the hard way during my early releases.

    I will give a thought to the Z scale suggestion.