1:160th scale Stagecoach from CGNScale

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    Those are some beautifully detailed models you've got there, nice work !
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    Back story:
    While discussing the lack of Stagecoach available in N scale with a friend who was looking to add one to his layout (The JACALAR), we came across this photo of a Wells Fargo Stagecoach unit train:
    The caption reads: An express freight shipment of 30 coaches, April 15th, 1868 by Abbot Downing & Co Concord, N.H. to Wells Fargo Co., Omaha, Nebraska.

    I've always held a love for early era steam and model trains, like the 4-4-0 American locomotive. Additionally, I love unique items and details that add that perfect touch to any layout/diorama. I was immediately hooked. I had to have a stagecoach in N scale. And not just one, I needed 30 to recreate the scene in that photo!

    While it would be very difficult to scratch build 30 identical models with such intricate detail by hand, I turned to 3D printing.

    It began as a clumsy design with the mindset that this model with such fine detail probably wouldn't print, and if it did, it would surely be pulverized during shipping. As the design process went on, I ended up putting in a good amount of detail after all (considering the size and design limitations for FUD).

    When I opened the box several days later, I was speechless. Not only did these things print, they survived shipping. And not only did they survive shipping, they look ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! (If I do say so myself. :rolleyes: )

    While I haven't yet acquired 30, my fleet is slowly growing. I've since began construction on a Free-moN module layout, based on Marsland, Nebraska. Now a ghost town, once served as freight and postal hub for western Nebraska and beyond, and could have very likely seen a 30 unit Stagecoach train pass through during it's heyday.

    And yes, Rick got his Stagecoach for the JACALAR too. :)
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