1/16 and 1/12 FUD alter ego dolls/ instructions

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  1. Mr_props
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    Here are the instructions to build these dolls, just unzip and you will get a pdf. Please take a look before buying, this is your best warranty as there's no photoshop on the pictures. Thank you.

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  2. ea_surebay
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    Hello dear, thank you for creating those tiny beauties. I suggest you may offer instructions for 1/20 alter ego too, I am a bit confused trying to adapt 1/12 1/6 instructions to my tiny 1/20 doll... Thank you !
  3. Mr_props
    Mr_props New Member
    Hello! Thank you for the advice. I'll try to make something when i have time. My camera died a while ago... Anyway, i'll try to figure out something. However, the sprues are designed so that the parts layout correspond loosely to the assembly. If you have trouble identifying part, please send a picture to me with enough definition so i can check by myself and tell you were they go.
    Have a nice day!
  4. ea_surebay
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    Thank you, I managed to have the doll finished and I love her. Only troubles with the last part of foot, so tiny that I could not put the thread in the hole, so I glued, but it's ok. My tiny doll is lovely, I am afraid now I have to paint her some eyes and make her hair ^^ this is so tiny that I will wait a little before I do ^^ Sorry for my bad English, I am french. I sent a picture of my result, I love her ! Thank you !
  5. Mr_props
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    Super! Merci pour la photo! En général, je préfère peindre avant assemblage, ça permet d'etre sur que les articulations sont bien peintes. C'est pour ça que sur les grappes, je m'étais arragé pour que les pieces ne touchent virtuellement rien, ainsi, on peut les peindres sans dommages. Sinon, on peut toujours les enfiler sur une tige de métal et les peindre ainsi, à la bombe ou a l'aérographe.
    Bon courage pour la suite!