1:1 scale Animal Horns

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by whiteraven, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. whiteraven
    whiteraven New Member
    Need a modeller to create some different animal horns for costuming. I have design sketches available. Prefer hollow model to reduce weight/cost of printing.

  2. whiteraven
    whiteraven New Member
    and a set like these.
  3. Ming
    Ming Well-Known Member
    i'm a 3d modeler for over 15 years and have done jobs for shapeways menbers before :)
    you may view my works at my website :

    if interested in my services, please eamil me at
  4. bubby9534
    bubby9534 New Member
    I am a beginner modeler who would do this for cheap. My work isn't all that great, but I have a prototype (Which needs tweaked obviously) that you can see:

  5. grommbert
    grommbert New Member

    I'm a 3D modeler based in the UK.
    I frequently do printed commissions and would charge very reasonably.
    Please see some of my work here:


    The link I pasted shows examples of my 3D printed ,models that I have painted.
    I can paint your horns for you if needed.

    Thanks for looking,

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  6. lmcdesign
    lmcdesign New Member
    maybe i can help. I'm a product design student and i have some experience with 3d printing. Sent a pm.
  7. whiteraven
    whiteraven New Member
    Well, sorry I didn't post sooner... I had a local friend just GIVE me a set of actual horns to use. So I guess I won't need ones made after all.
  8. lmcdesign
    lmcdesign New Member
    sweet! Really good to hear that your problem was solved !