0073 Sunglasses Degma Carrara

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by albertomichieli, Jan 7, 2009.

  1. albertomichieli
    albertomichieli New Member
    I designed these shades using spline then converted to vertex

    then exported in obj then stl, from my friend

    But still there are manifold problem

    Is there somebody out there can check it out

    I use Mac OS X

    I tried to open with meshlab and resaved in different format but nothing still errors

    I made e new one removing my logo from the side but still problem

    Any suggestion

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  2. jdavidbush
    jdavidbush New Member
    It looks like the normals are reversed on many of the faces of the little figure on the sides.
  3. albertomichieli
    albertomichieli New Member
    Is there a way to smooth these normals [what are they anyway?]

  4. jdavidbush
    jdavidbush New Member
    Surface normals are vectors that are perpendicular to the "faces" on your model.


    Basically, they point to the "outside" of your model. Some of yours are pointing inward.
    (You can tell because they're rendered black in Meshlab.)

    You ought to be able to reverse the direction of those normals using your modeling software.

    For example, my software (Silo 3D) has an option to select faces and then "Reverse Normals" or just "Unify Normals" to get them all pointing outward (or inward).

    I imagine there might be a way to fix them using Meshlab, but I don't know how. Anybody know?

    I do know that Meshlab's "Show Normals" option is a little confusing because it shows vertex normals instead of face normals. Vertex normals are basically an average of surrounding face normals.
  5. madox
    madox New Member
    Meshlabs -> Menu -> Filters -> Re-orient (aka "Unify Normals")
    Meshlabs -> Menu -> Filters -> Invert Faces (aka "Reverse Normals")