0073 Sunglasses Degma Carrara + 3DS

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by albertomichieli, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. albertomichieli
    albertomichieli New Member
    I designed these shades using regular curves

    then exported in obj then stl, from my friend

    But still there are manifold problem

    Is there somebody out there can check it out

    I use Mac OS X

    I tried to open with meshlab and resaved in different format but nothing still errors

    I made e new one removing my logo from the side but still problem

    Any suggestion

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  2. robert
    robert New Member

    I have looked at it and there are indeed some open edges in there.

    Please see the attached picture. The open edges are highlighted in yellow:



  3. ArMOO
    ArMOO New Member
    Hi Alberto,

    Its now a printable meshlab Stl file. Please check the size before you upload or print it. I didn't.

    Greetings AO

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