10% Off 3D Printing
for Students & Educators

Shapeways gives you a fast, affordable way
to create high-quality 3D prints.

3D Printing on a Budget

3D Printing on a Budget

Students and educators receive 10% off every order.

In Your Hands Fast

In Your Hands Fast

Your 3D Prints are made to order and delivered wherever you are in the world.

High Quality

Highest Quality Prints

3D Print in over 30 high-quality materials using the best printers available.

How Shapeways Fits Into Your Education

Building by Fabriek
Building by Fabriek

Get Technical

With Shapeways it’s possible to 3D print your projects in a wide range of high quality materials to best realize your designs. Whether you are studying architecture, engineering, industrial design or anything that requires precise fabrication, we have a material to suit your needs. Materials such as Nylon and Acrylic make it possible to create complex, interlocked mechanisms that can be printed fully assembled and articulated straight from the 3D printer.

Be Creative

Your imagination is your only limitation when you can 3D print (almost) anything. From flowing organic shapes to angular crystalline structures, 3D printing makes it possible to take your creativity into physical forms that would otherwise be impossible to make. Materials range from robust plastics and stainless steel to high quality Sterling Silver, ceramics and even full color 3D printing to give your artistic creations a professional finish.

Hyphae Lamp
Hyphae Lamp by nervoussytem

In the Classroom

Students from every age can learn through designing and 3D printing projects, whether for STEM focused classes or more artistic explorations, Shapeways can help students hold their lessons in their hands. Shapeways also makes it possible for an entire class to 3D print their projects in one batch in more materials and higher resolution then most in-school 3D printers.