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Christian Brock


3D modeler, Product designer, Artist
A Gentleman robot who dabbles in things like game and toy design but is stuck doing code work for a living.

wulongti commented on Articulated Robot Fists by wulongti
December 19, 2017
Articulated Robot Fists
wulongti @soundwavegoa125 the short answer is that you can get higher quality and lower cost by getting the MakeToys or other 3rd party upgrades
wulongti @carloj2011 probably never :( I've done 3 test prints and the print quality was never good enough to work properly enough that I was comfortable releasing it to the public. Higher quality materials would have helped but then it'd be cheaper to just get the MakeToys or other 3rd party upgrades
wulongti @razingstorm Sorry for the confusion, this comes with both fists and the G style back fist plates :)
wulongti @cvapolo that's exactly what it's designed for ;) it's in public beta now, once it's fully tested it will go up to full price (a dollar more)
wulongti @TXR4521 Thanks! now to get them tested XD
wulongti commented on Titan K Upgrade: Combaticus by wulongti
December 23, 2016
Titan K Upgrade: Combaticus
wulongti @Garudastore2011 the chap that commissioned this sent me some pics and I put them up on my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/WuLongToys/photos/?tab=album&album_id=661894947177526
wulongti commented on Boosticus Upgrade hands by wulongti
September 20, 2015
Boosticus Upgrade hands
wulongti @fabiomicallef the set I have fits a little loose in the CW wrist ports but it isn't bad. I did design a set that's specifically for the CW figures though that has more articulation than this set: https://www.shapeways.com/product/8YGCLDZ7A/articulated-robot-fists It's still in the Beta testing phase but you're welcome to try it out if you like ^__^
wulongti @jdawggkelley9 excellent, thanks for the tip :)
wulongti @jdawggkelley9 that's awesome man thanks! Do you mind if I share these pics on social media?
wulongti @shumworld sorry about the delay, but I've thickened up the sprues so SW shouldn't have any issues with it. Colors have been added back! Just keep in mind that when you cut the parts free there will be white spots you'll need to fill in with a marker or paint. @Tallus76 Not sure, I don't have him :/ Do the fists plug into the forearms with a 5mm peg? If so, then they'll fit. I don't know if they'll be the right proportions though.
wulongti @shumworld you got it, give me a few days to get the model updated for the "polished" process.
wulongti @Cliffjumper198 awesome man, thanks for the pics :D
M-style Backfist Plates for Articulated Robot Fist
wulongti @TXR4521 I don't have any personal interest in recreating the stock hands, but I'd be happy to design some on commission, if you're interested shoot me a PM and I'll give you a quote. As for their size compared to the PE hands I couldn't tell you since I don't own them. But once I get a test print of my hands I'll take some pics of them in place.
wulongti @TXR4521I could but they'd be a lot more expensive. Also, these back fist plates plug in via a 5mm port so you could actually plug the originals on top if you wanted :)
wulongti commented on MiniBot - Uber Magnum upgrade head by wulongti
August 31, 2015
MiniBot - Uber Magnum upgrade head
wulongti @pedrop Sure, shoot me a PM with exact specs including neck connection and I can give you a quote.
Torrent High Mobility Suppression Mech Model Kit 2
wulongti No assembly guide or completed assembly images? I saw your pics in the forum, looks awesome. Reminds me a lot of a Metal Gear :D
wulongti commented on MiniBot - Bartender Upgrade Head by wulongti
August 17, 2015
MiniBot - Bartender Upgrade Head
wulongti @Moonus88 yeah I could see that.. they're both pretty smiley guys w/ "shades" :D
wulongti commented on MiniBot - Explorer Upgrade Head by wulongti
June 11, 2015
MiniBot - Explorer Upgrade Head
wulongti @davea27742 this is designed to fit onto my MiniBot Explorer figure for those that would like a higher detail head instead of the WSF one: http://shpws.me/ELkJ
wulongti commented on NoPaint AF Disposal (pt 1: white) by wulongti
April 18, 2015
NoPaint AF Disposal (pt 1: white)
wulongti @mechking4511 Thanks! He stands about 4" tall so he should scale well with deluxe sized figures in theory.
wulongti commented on ActionFormerDX 01: Disposal by wulongti
March 5, 2015
ActionFormerDX 01: Disposal
wulongti @burnttoastmaster Thanks! I'm mostly happy with my prototype prints, I don't know if I'll release it or not given that MakeToys is doing a really awesome transforming comic accurate version of Tailgate in their Manga Mech line. And I suspect it will end up costing about the same as you would pay to order mine through Shapeways :(
wulongti commented on Base Minifigure by wulongti
February 11, 2015
Base Minifigure
wulongti @Lilscotty awesome! looking forward to seeing more :D
wulongti commented on Fort Max Minifig by Lilscotty
February 11, 2015
Fort Max Minifig
wulongti You may run into some issues with this failing due to the sprues so something to keep in mind. For your main pic/render get a shot of the figure standing static and zoomed in so they take up the full picture. Looks good though and I'm really looking forward to seeing this printed out :D
wulongti commented on Two Face Brainiac Breifcase by Lilscotty
February 11, 2015
Two Face Brainiac Breifcase
wulongti looks good, though it might be worth it to see if you can hollow this out some to bring down the cost. Also, I'd take some pics of the figure hiding behind the case since that's what you're trying to show off/sell. :)


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