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HO-Scale Whitcomb 65 Ton Loco Shell
Willmodels I am currently working on a chassis for my N-scale model that (hopefully) can be motorized.Once successful I will scale it up to larger scales. I have a customer that was trying out the powered trucks sold by Northwest Shortline. I have not heard from him in a while for an update.
Willmodels @amberb_57 Even though I already have plenty of reference photos, I always welcome pics I have never seen. What I have discovered with this loco is every picture of it is slightly different than the others--either by means of factory order or each owner modifying them. Mine is based on a plan of a Washington & Old Dominion Railroad loco that a friend sent me.
Willmodels The original requester for this loco shell was working on a chassis design but I have not heard from him in quite a while. I have not been able to afford to buy my own HO shell and drives to design the chassis so I was counting on him to work with me on a design. I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and get to work on one myself.
Willmodels This loco has 7' WB trucks with 42" wheels. Here is a link to the NWSL store page that lists it: http://shop.osorail.com/product.sc?productId=3159&categoryId=-1
Willmodels Please contact me via my regular Willmodels email to discuss any potential business proposals, willmodels@gmail.com Thank you.
Willmodels @trmbo3rd It may have some thin walls to fix so I'll work on it.
Willmodels @trmbo3rd It started out as an N-scale shell, so yes it does exist in N-scale. I have not printed it yet so I don't know what changes (if any) it will need. My HO-scale customer told me that his printed copy was a masterpiece. I hope so I put a lot into it.
Willmodels @LVRRfan Thanks! This product started out as an N-scale loco shell but I got a request to make it in HO. I am working with that customer on a recommended drive system for this using a pair of Stanton powered trucks.
Ho-scale Whitcomb 65 Ton Truck Sideframes
Willmodels @bnsfsd70, These truck sideframes are specific to the Whitcomb 65 ton diesel switcher seen elsewhere in my SW shop. Since they are unique to this loco, I have no idea what existing HO-scale truck they would fit (especially since I'm not an HO modeler). These sideframes are designed to fit a pair of Stanton powered trucks. These trucks have a 7' WB with 42" wheels. Here is a link to the NWSL store page that lists it: http://shop.osorail.com/product.sc?productId=3159&categoryId=-1
Willmodels commented on HO-Scale Cargostar Cab by Willmodels
December 5, 2016
HO-Scale Cargostar Cab
Willmodels No, this is still the HO-scale model. The 1/64 version is in the Willmodels shop, ready to order.
Willmodels @SLFarms Sorry for the delay, It is now available in FUD for $20.00, I am currently testing to see if it can be rendered in HighDefinition Acrylic, so if you want to wait, it will be about $2.00 cheaper in a tougher material.
Willmodels Sorry Bryan, it's not available yet. I am working on some truck bodies for it. In HO-scale you can sell things like cab conversions, but in N-scale buyers want a whole truck. I'll make them visible for now so you can at least see what's coming. They may only be available on eBay.
First in a series of small houses, this stucco-style house will feature round-top windows from Tichy Train Group and a choice of roof styles.
Check out our new International Cargostar cab! - http://shpws.me/Mcvq HO-Scale Cargostar Cab
N-Scale Whitcomb 44 Ton Switcher
Willmodels @intermodalman123 It might need to have some of it's thin walls fixed but other than that, yes. The biggest challenge is most of the existing chassis available are a minimum of 9mm wide and this to-scale hood width is less than 8mm.
Willmodels @intermodalman123 I am still working on a way to power it, but if you want a print to play around with I can make it available.


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