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Michael DeFelice


weedsrock2 commented on 1/1800 MN CA Duquesne by matt_atknsn
21 days ago
1/1800 MN CA Duquesne
weedsrock2 Beautiful sculpt as always. Thank you!
weedsrock2 commented on USN CA45 Wichita [1942] by matt_atknsn
April 27, 2018
USN CA45 Wichita [1942]
weedsrock2 Nice detail as always. My attempt at painting.
weedsrock2 commented on A6M3 Hamp (1/900) x4 by direwolf
March 26, 2018
A6M3 Hamp (1/900) x4
weedsrock2 I painted these in the light Ash Green the IJN painted early Zeros. Thanks for making the model!
Regina Maria (Regele Ferdinand class) 1/1800 x2
weedsrock2 This one had a very complex camouflage scheme that I had to simplify a bit.
weedsrock2 commented on IAR.80/81C (Triplet) 1:900 by direwolf
February 8, 2018
IAR.80/81C (Triplet) 1:900
weedsrock2 My interpretation. Very interesting aircraft to paint.
weedsrock2 commented on 1/1800 UK BB HMS Lion (1939) by matt_atknsn
December 4, 2017
1/1800 UK BB HMS Lion (1939)
weedsrock2 Nice model as always! Here is my rendition. A fusion of the 1943 Admiralty camouflage schemes for HMS Anson, Howe, and KGV.
weedsrock2 commented on 1/1800 IJN CL Nagara[1942] by matt_atknsn
October 30, 2017
1/1800 IJN CL Nagara[1942]
weedsrock2 Great sculpt as usual.
weedsrock2 commented on Kormoran HSK-8 1/1800 by squint181
May 30, 2017
Kormoran HSK-8 1/1800
weedsrock2 This was one of your best. I really enjoyed painting it.
weedsrock2 commented on Tashkent 1/1800 by squint181
April 28, 2017
Tashkent 1/1800
weedsrock2 My interpretation of the "Blue cruiser." Thanks for the mini!
weedsrock2 favorited MV Melbourne Star 1/1800 by squint181
April 28, 2017
weedsrock2 favorited MV Melbourne Star 1/1800 by squint181
April 21, 2017
CANT Z.1007 Series IV-IX Alcione 1/900 x4
weedsrock2 One of your better sculpts IMO! Many thanks for the miniature.
weedsrock2 commented on HMS Hermes 1/1800 by squint181
January 29, 2017
HMS Hermes 1/1800
weedsrock2 Very nice model to paint and play.
weedsrock2 commented on Dornier Do 24 1:900 x4 by direwolf
December 27, 2016
Dornier Do 24 1:900 x4
weedsrock2 Another beautiful sculpt as always.
weedsrock2 commented on French CV Joffre [1940] by matt_atknsn
December 27, 2016
French CV Joffre [1940]
weedsrock2 Beautiful sculpt. Nice detail and paints up well.
weedsrock2 commented on HMS Salmon 1:1800 x5 by direwolf
November 27, 2016
HMS Salmon 1:1800 x5
weedsrock2 Very nice model for the game table.
weedsrock2 commented on Kronshtadt BC 1/1800 by squint181
November 27, 2016
Kronshtadt BC 1/1800
weedsrock2 Great model to paint and play with on the game table.
weedsrock2 commented on HMS Salmon (S class) (WSF) 1/1800 x5 by direwolf
November 11, 2016
HMS Salmon (S class) (WSF) 1/1800 x5
weedsrock2 Nice model. I appreciate the larger bases you are putting around the subs now.
1/1800 IJN DD Ayanami (x2) & Akatsuki (x1)
weedsrock2 Type 2 model painted as Fubuki. Very nice detail on the sculpt as always!
weedsrock2 commented on 1/1800 US CA35 Indianapolis[1942] by matt_atknsn
August 25, 2016
1/1800 US CA35 Indianapolis[1942]
weedsrock2 Beautiful model. I painted it in MS-12 using 1945 neutral grays.
weedsrock2 commented on USS Indianapolis 1/1800 by squint181
August 25, 2016
USS Indianapolis 1/1800
weedsrock2 Nice mini to paint. MS12 in 1945 neutral grays.
weedsrock2 commented on Z2 Georg Thiele 1/1800 x2 by squint181
July 26, 2016
 Z2 Georg Thiele 1/1800 x2
weedsrock2 Great detail and fun to paint.


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