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Adrian Murden


vmax100uk favorited DNA200 Ergonomic case by viveck
November 22, 2015
vmax100uk favorited DNA200 Slim LiPo Version by viveck
November 10, 2015
MARK X v2 (Evolv Dna200) Botton Feeder
vmax100uk How can you run a dna200 on a single 18650 ?
vmax100uk commented on DNA200 Squonker v2.7 by CJErvin
October 21, 2015
DNA200 Squonker v2.7
vmax100uk Have you sorted the usb port issue yet.
vmax100uk Ive just finished my first one and there are a few adjustment needed. If you want to email me i will tell you what they are. Cheers
vmax100uk commented on BussBox TK (Prototype) by BussDee_Mods
April 5, 2015
BussBox TK (Prototype)
vmax100uk Thanks for sorting the black option. Definitely on my building list now. Cheers
vmax100uk Well if you choose the black option that most people will go for its comes up with €211.92 so thats where i got my €200+ from. If its a mistake by shapeways then i retract my statement and apologise as i would certainly buy one for the price of the other colours.
vmax100uk Shame you couldn't offer a more affordable one in std black. €200+ come on its a plastic box.
vmax100uk commented on Design 3 - 18650 - Gripper Body by jonniemac
March 21, 2015
Design 3 - 18650 - Gripper Body
vmax100uk This does not work with a evolve dna40 board. There is not enough room to allow the box to shut without the 18650 battery hitting the back of the chip. I have proved this by placing flux on the top of the chip and then trying to close the box. The flux was transferred to the 18650 confirming this is the reason it wont shut fully. I am an experienced mod builder so i am sceptical that the designer has tested this to confirm it works. I will be seeking a refund for this box and hopefully i can salavge the rest of the parts wasted.
vmax100uk commented on Hana Modz V4D Style. by Termi2K
March 1, 2015
 Hana Modz V4D Style.
vmax100uk Hi I cant see a cutout for the dna screen, do you have to cut this out yourself. Cheers
vmax100uk commented on V1 - Button Group by jonniemac
March 1, 2015
V1 - Button Group
vmax100uk Ok thanks, it was just a thought.
vmax100uk Hi could the small buttons be used under your chip mount in a 3mm thick mod box in order to work directly on the chip buttons


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