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(Armada) Yuuzhan Vong's Miid ro'ik
valentefrancois I can't wait to get it...
Yuuzhan Vong Advanced Scout Ship (1/440)
valentefrancois wow i never noticed you did it in x-wing size, this is incredible...
(Armada) 12x Miy'til starfighters
valentefrancois Do you plan to make it at xwing scale ?
(Armada) 12x A-9 Vigilance
valentefrancois it's the dark side imbued robot starfighter from the empire of darkness right ?
Yuuzhan Vong's Yorik-Vec 1/270
valentefrancois on this one, the details are a bit missing, but i think it show how creepy those organic ships can be in the darkness of space.
valentefrancois Here it goes
valentefrancois Got it, but i think the akaga will come before in painting priority :p
Yuuzhan Vong's Coralskipper 1/270
valentefrancois i think we have a better vision on the colors here
(Armada) Super Star Destroyer Executor (3 PARTS)
valentefrancois wow what an impressive masterpiece ! wonder why this is the only one in ultra frosted, i'd rather take the half top half bot to glue it... if i could afford such a huge ship.
Yuuzhan Vong's Yorik Akaga 1/270
valentefrancois Very happy about how they looks like.
valentefrancois Got it, will paint them soon.
(Armada) Vindicator Cruiser
valentefrancois My very first order (3 chiss craft) was 2 out of 3 broken and parts missing in the box. I immediatly send a message with pics and they reprinted and sended them for free... Their service is quite good (a bit slow, but they have to 3D print soo it's understandable) and they let me the damaged one soo i used one as a test ship for paint and the other one as a wreckage for RPG scenarios... Nothing lost ^^
(Armada) Immobilizer 418 cruiser (Expanded Univers
valentefrancois Got mine, will paint it soon.
valentefrancois I asked for it, i'm happy you did it.
(Armada) Customs Corvette
valentefrancois Doesn't see any vongs in your list :( anyway, getting the BSG or pegasus would be awesome.
(Armada) 6x Medium Ship Keyholes
valentefrancois i don't understand what it's supposed to be?
(Armada) Gozanti Cruiser
valentefrancois I doesn't have a ruler or my armada figs here, but i 'm not sure about your size Falcon is 34 metters, Gozanti is 42 metters, it would make a 3,6 Cm long falcon, I might be wrong... but This falcon looks smaller than that. Anyway, at this size, it should be in the squadron list since they use squadron ground, no ?
valentefrancois commented on StealthX (1/270) by Mel_Miniatures
April 20, 2015
StealthX (1/270)
valentefrancois @AgisN Wich "products" did you bought ? i usually bought the white strong and flexible, and if it was aweome for the vongs ships, i'd say it could be better for other ships (some kind of "grain" giving a rough look like this one ) Yours looks fine, soo i was wondering if you did something to fix that or if you bought another quality ?


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