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TreadshotA1 commented on Cartridge Minion Warrior by TreadshotA1
March 21, 2020
Cartridge Minion Warrior
TreadshotA1 @Ashtonmcvae I'm not sure actually, never had that figure. If you find out, please let me know. :)
POTP Rampage Predaking Port Set of 2
TreadshotA1 @Megaangel Hi, that sounds like a cool idea. I dont currently have a PotP Razorclaw figure unfortunately, but I'll keep it in mind. Thanks for taking a look at my models! :)
TreadshotA1 @CF4000 Hi! This is a set of 2 adapters that let 5mm weapons be attached to PotP Rampage, as shown in the images with some of the G1 Predacons' blasters. :)
TreadshotA1 commented on TR Twinferno Blaster by TreadshotA1
December 26, 2018
TR Twinferno Blaster
TreadshotA1 @Makky Thanks! I've enabled a Black option for the TR Twinferno Blaster. :)
TreadshotA1 commented on Alert Knight by TreadshotA1
October 25, 2018
Alert Knight
TreadshotA1 @lamota5643 Hi! Shapeways will print the model in the material you choose, so yes, a "White Natural Versatile Plastic" print will be white. Instructions to assemble and transform the model can be found here: Thanks, Treadshot A1
TreadshotA1 commented on TR Seaspray Blaster by TreadshotA1
August 1, 2018
TR Seaspray Blaster
TreadshotA1 @bronsonrayneill Hi! The TR Seaspray Blaster is now available in black, apologies for any inconvenience. Thanks. :)
Check out the TR Seaspray Blaster! - TR Seaspray Blaster
TR Kickback Blaster for Titans Return Kickback! - TR Kickback Blaster
TreadshotA1 commented on 02-ASV "Recon" by TreadshotA1
July 16, 2018
02-ASV "Recon"
TreadshotA1 @squiggy119 Hi! I have enabled the coloured Versatile Plastic options for this model. Thanks, Treadshot A1
Who's up for a new Blaster? Check out the PotP Skrapnel Blaster! - PotP Skrapnel Blaster
TreadshotA1 commented on Legion TFP Hun-Gurr Blaster by TreadshotA1
March 13, 2018
Legion TFP Hun-Gurr Blaster
TreadshotA1 Hi @Ashtonmcvae , that is a possibility, though I do not have that Hun-Grr figure as of right now. Message me your idea and the size you would want :)
TreadshotA1 commented on Data Minion Condor by TreadshotA1
January 29, 2018
Data Minion Condor
TreadshotA1 Hi @spena1984 . Currently there are no plans for a model based on Armada Laserbeak, however I will keep the idea of a camcorder alternate mode in mind. Thanks!
One last robot to round out 2017, Turmoil! - Turmoil
TreadshotA1 commented on Turbulence by TreadshotA1
October 26, 2017
TreadshotA1 @PNeithan While Polished would be nicer, Polished doesn't work as well with sprues and smaller parts can end up less detailed as a result, so Turbulence is available in normal WSF.


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