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Data Minion Jaguar's available now! Data Minion Jaguar
Get both Data Minion Eagle and Gorilla together! - Data Minion Eagle And Gorilla Set
Data Minion Gorilla is out now! - Data Minion Gorilla
Data Minion Eagle is out now! - Data Minion Eagle
Yellowarden's buddy Crimsonic is now available! - Crimsonic
TreadshotA1 commented on Cartridge Minion Warrior by TreadshotA1
November 15, 2016
Cartridge Minion Warrior
TreadshotA1 @Dr_Lockdown Cartridge Robot FR is designed for Cybertron Soundwave, and repaints thereof. The hexagonal 'cartridge' mode is sized to fit inside that toy's chest cavity. Note that Cartridge Robot FR is not designed to attach to that toy's wings.
TreadshotA1 Hi aganouri, this model is for 1 Cartridge Robot. Two of these models would be required to build two separate figures. Thanks.
TreadshotA1 commented on Bypass Sword Set (Water) by TreadshotA1
November 15, 2016
Bypass Sword Set (Water)
TreadshotA1 @Dr_Lockdown This kit used to be for Scout Class Breacher. A set of swords was requested for it.
I'm back! To mark my return, welcome a new robot, Yellowarden! Yellowarden
Wyrm Sword (for Commander BH Prime)
TreadshotA1 @pappas1985 Hi. Right now, there are no plans for a Wyrm Sword in a larger scale, sorry.
TreadshotA1 @aganouri Hi, I've made the Hilt and Blade available separately (links in description). Be aware that FUD prints of the blade haven't been tested yet; I have allowed it as an option at buyer's risk. Thanks.
Buzzsaw for Animated Rodimus
TreadshotA1 @itzilzah Hi itzilzah, I'm sorry to hear about your order. Can you let me know what part was incorrect? Thanks.
TreadshotA1 commented on TFP Arcee Blasters by TreadshotA1
February 11, 2016
TFP Arcee Blasters
TreadshotA1 @Comilius Hi, the Arcee blasters connect by pegging into a slot on the outside of the forearms. The blasters do not attach to the hands. They should work with the First Edition Arcee, but not necessarily with the RID version.
TreadshotA1 commented on TFP Starscream Fusion Boosters by TreadshotA1
April 17, 2015
TFP Starscream Fusion Boosters
TreadshotA1 @aganouri Hi! These haven't been printed in Frosted yet, but I've allowed FUD in case you'd like to try them. I've left regular Frosted Detail off because it's getting replaced soon anyway. :)
TreadshotA1 commented on Null Rays for Classics Seekers by TreadshotA1
March 17, 2015
Null Rays for Classics Seekers
TreadshotA1 @Darkhand689 Were the parts in Polished material? That process tends to cause pegs to be smaller than normal. Black (and other Dyed) prints tend to fit more tightly in my experience as well. In the event that nothing else works, it is possible to thicken pegs by applying a layer of superglue over them and letting it dry before use, but I've not yet encountered any customer who's needed to use this method on the Null Rays. Thanks.
TreadshotA1 @Darkhand689 Hi Darkhand689, what material was your order printed in? Also, which figure are you using the Null Rays with. They are intended for the classics (not MP) seekers, but the mold has been reused so much that later releases of the mold may be looser. The 5mm peg sockets on the shoulders are formed by two pieces of plastic; if the screws in the back of the shoulder aren't loose, so will the sockets be. Let me know if there's anything else I can help with. Thanks.


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