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Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Cap America Wings V3
Toybox_Collection @Switch625 Hi there, sorry to hear about your wings. Please bare in mind these are 3D printed parts so they don't always come 100% exactly the same. If you are unhappy with the quality please contact Shapeways directly, they handle all the printing and shipping and may be able to help you.
Toybox_Collection @ragifoesmasher thanks! yup it would look much better painted :)
Toybox_Collection Version 3 wings with hinged flaps
Toybox_Collection Version 3 wings now do not flop and stay in position
Toybox_Collection Version 3 wings are almost ready, just need to make some minor adjustments to dimensions
Toybox_Collection @willdecker looks really nice man. I've just received my set so I will do some design revisions and tighten those joints up!
Toybox_Collection @willdecker nice photos man, did you put a clear coat or varnish over the model?
Toybox_Collection @willdecker I will be getting my wings soon, once I do I will post a video showing you how to put the pieces together :)
New sword for Mythic Legions figures! - Hope sword for Mythic Legions
Revoltech Deadpool Scabbard (long)
Toybox_Collection @alexkfbmail hey man, sorry to hear about your scabbard being blocked. I recently got mine too and they were fine. I actually designed little escape holes on the bottom of the scabbard for the excess powder to escape through, maybe yours was blocked? Thanks again for your feedback, really appreciate it!
New Slayer sword designed for Mythic Legions figures - Slayer sword for Mythic Legions
Autobot Jetfire head Ver. 2 - Complete head
Toybox_Collection @marchel_1972I've had a look and the head won't fit as the peg design is completely different. Did you want to put this head on your CW Superion?
Toybox_Collection @marchel_1972 I'll check tonight when I get home and let you know :)
Toybox_Collection @vfxraven19 i can't tell you for sure as I don't have a 1/55 veritech figure, but if you can take a photo of the neck joint and measure it for me I can check if it will fit :)
Toybox_Collection @tkrbob4093 haha no worries man. Let me know when you know so I can let you know if it can be scaled down. Hopefully that makes sense:P
Toybox_Collection @tkrbob4093 It could be, how small do you need the head to be for 1/72 scale?
Champion blade for Mythic Legions! - Champion blade for Mythic Legions
Orc hunter swords for Mythic Legions - Orc Hunter swords (x2) combo for Mythic Legions
1:12 Minigun for Marvel Legends Crossbones
Toybox_Collection @Ck21 no worries man, hope the info was helpful :)
Toybox_Collection @Ck21 actually if you click on the "3d" model and zoom into that area, you'll see what I mean
Toybox_Collection @Ck21 Hi, the gun is printed with the head of the barrel inside the body of the gun so reduce it's print size. The body is actually hollow, so what you need to do is clean around the area where the barrel and body meet, then you'll see one sprue holding the barrel to the body, cut that off then you'll be able to pull the barrel out and turn it the right way around. Let me know if you need more information!
Orc Hunter sword (style 2) for Mythic Legions
Toybox_Collection @Steve42082 hey @Steve42082, thanks for purchasing these swords! I'm a ML nut myself and I find the diversity of the weapons a bit lacking for the time being that's why I wanted to design some weapons for my own figures. If you have any special requests please let me know, I'll try to make them for you!
Toybox_Collection favorited ACC-19-Axe 7inch MOTU by Strangefate
February 26, 2017
Autobot Jetfire head Ver.1 (Revised)
Toybox_Collection @MrZies unfortunately I don't have a G-1 Skyfire figure so I don't know for sure. If you can take a photo of the neck peg and show me, I will be able to let you know :)
1:12 Nunchucks for Marvel Legends Deadpool
Toybox_Collection @supertim74 are you talking about lightsabre nunchucks? LOL that would be it sounds perfect haha. I'll look into it :)
Toybox_Collection @supertim74 Hi supertim74, thanks for purchasing my designs, really happy to hear you are having fun with them! If you have any requests for other types of accessories let me know and I'll see what I can do :)
1:!2 scale M4A1 Assault rifle for Marvel Legends and other 6" figures - 1:12 M4A1 Assault Rifle with sight for Marvel Lege
1:12 Cinder Blocks successfully printed and scales great with Marvel Legends toys! - 1:12 Cinder blocks set of 6 for diorama
Batman Trilogy Batarang 12cm (4.75")
Toybox_Collection @IronManMark44 this design has been printed in a smaller scale for 4" action figures, but have not printed it since I scaled it up.
Toybox_Collection @IronManMark44 Hi there. The Shapeways automated check says it will print in steel but I have not tested this myself. As for throwing, I'm sure you could, but this has not been designed to be thrown so the balance might not be perfect.
Transformers CHUG / Masterpiece Sky Spy
Toybox_Collection @siccoyote oops, you're right thanks. I've updated the description :)
Toybox_Collection @underdog318 I can look into it, but judging by the size of the Teletraan it might be quite expensive to big do you think it should be?
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ okay, good to know....let me see what I can do:)
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ Do you think anyone will be interested if I made the Teletraan control centre? BTW thanks for ordering 2 :)
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ Awesome, I hope this is what you wanted:)
Transformers CHUG Optimus Prime Blaster
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ Sky Spy is done!
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ Nice, I'll work on it this weekend:)
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ Cool, I'll get on it soon, cheers for the suggestion:)
Toybox_Collection @LandoJ looks cool, how big do you think it needs to be for CHUG scale?


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