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tomperys commented on Apophis Flagship SG1 by tomperys
January 22, 2018
Apophis Flagship SG1
tomperys @benjamin_collins_1995 Well, I have just the Destiny KIT and maybe it will be possible to make 9cm Daedalus and 10cm Ra pyramid (thats 1:2500 scale). All other ships will be either too big or too small --> Wraith hive 4.4m, Anubis super ship 2.2m, Atlantis 1.5m, Aurrora 1.4m, Asgard Oneill 0.6m, Asgard Bilskirnir 0.56m, Daniel Jackson 0.4m, Al’kesh 0.014m (1.4cm), Puddle jumper 0.0032 (0.32cm). That is the main reason why I didn't make ships in same scale, because it would be either too big or too small. I make reasonable sizes, that are not in scale in each other, but at least you can see the details and dont neet a magnifying glass or whole room for it. For example now I Am preparing 9cm miniatures see on attached photo
tomperys @benjamin_collins_1995 According to one wiki page, the Apophis flagship (not ha'tak) was 3300m long - and for example Destiny is only 747m long. Which is a bit bigger then Ha'tak because Ha'tak is 700m long.
tomperys @benjamin_collins_1995 In that case the model would need to be 1,32 m long (very big). I Am not sure, but they didn't have such large printer space here. The model would need to be from several parts for assembly and I do not dare to estimate the price for such large pieces...
tomperys @benjamin_collins_1995 Hi, its 19,2cm big so the scale (if you count with the size 3300m) is 1:17187
Ancient Ship KIT 12" (1:2500) top WSF
tomperys @shiroi smaller shuttle was uploaded yesterday :)
tomperys @shiroi Hi, I use them for both versions because there is not very big difference in size. The shuttle is however primarily intended for 40cm version. Iam able to resize it to the 30cm version if you wanted to have it accurate.
tomperys @shiroi Hi, no I have the small shuttles separated. They are printable in FUD or FED
tomperys commented on Aurora Ship (hollowed) by tomperys
June 3, 2016
Aurora Ship (hollowed)
tomperys @Atlantis That would be hard in this case. Aurora have many details that are barely printable in WSF in this size. I can try to scale the model but some details would probably disappear of there will be necessary to use FUD /FED which will unfortunately again mean higher price.
tomperys @Shadowhorizon Hi, unfortunately the lighted version is available only on the (the bigger 21cm Aurora). Everything on this site is just 3D printed (so no painting, no electronics or lights...).
tomperys @Masterscifiengineer done, you can order it now
tomperys commented on Stargate Atlantis Tower (hollow) by tomperys
June 22, 2015
Stargate Atlantis Tower (hollow)
tomperys @Shadowhorizon Actually this tower is from the Atlantis city (even when its more presented as the tower from "The Tower" episode because they really look identical except the moss with which was the tower covered by). I have the rest of the city. Sure I planing to make it printable but so far I have no idea about the scale. The larger the city will be the more expensive it will be.
tomperys @Shadowhorizon The Atlantis tower and the tower from the another city (episode "The Tower") is one and the same. The citties were identical (except some details inside in interiors. This is a hollow model in one piece. I have also another version as a KIT - and the KIT version incudes a stand and has a windows so you can possibly light the KIT.
tomperys commented on Aurora Ship 21cm by tomperys
June 17, 2015
Aurora Ship 21cm
tomperys @Shadowhorizon Hi, actualy the rear engines were yellow in the show (you can see it here at 0:36 The only blue light was one sublight engine on the side. Unfortunately there is no way to make it bigger (the price grows exponentially with the material here). The only way would be build it by old fashioned way. It would be a lot of work and time.
tomperys @Shadowhorizon Hi, you will get a real model :) This is how it looks if you will paint it (21cm Aurora is the bottom one): I offer the painted version also directly on


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