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Tom Rule


3D modeler, Artist
Better known as toatom on Tumblr. I don't sell polished strong & flexible any more, it's redundant at this scale. Email: tom.rule95...

Bionicle Heroes style Kanohi Ignika
tom_rule95 @Dimensioner ah, thanks. It looks exactly the same as frosted detail!
tom_rule95 @fb54b9b personally I got it in frosted detail and then painted it gold. That way it looks the most genuine :D
tom_rule95 @Dimensioner hi! I normally don't make the polished ones available because some details get lost, but since you asked, I certainly can :)
tom_rule95 commented on Kanohi Mask of Healing by tom_rule95
January 20, 2017
Kanohi Mask of Healing
tom_rule95 @Dimensioner Great job! : D
tom_rule95 @Dimensioner there was no color specified, so I'd probably either go for silver, or get creative!
tom_rule95 commented on Custom Kanohi Mahiki by tom_rule95
December 31, 2016
Custom Kanohi Mahiki
tom_rule95 @Captain_Pimpcard sandstone isn't as strong as plastic, and even some of the plastics struggle to hold up to being used as a Lego piece.
tom_rule95 @Captain_Pimpcard it could be printed in sandstone, but you wouldn't be able to actually use it as a mask without breaking it
tom_rule95 @Captain_Pimpcard it's possible, but the sandstone is nowhere near strong enough to hold up as a usable piece.
tom_rule95 @ZephyrKitsuneLord, hi, all i know is that i didn't model this one to fit on mata heads. You're welcome to try!
tom_rule95 @ZephyrKitsuneLord This fits on the Metru head piece. I have not personally tested this model, but I use the same template for other models that I have tested, therefore it should work fine. The original commissioner made no complaints. Hope you enjoy :)
tom_rule95 @Ryodren I tried, however for this particular mask Shapeways refuses to save the new position. There are a couple of rendered images that should show you the face at the right angle.
tom_rule95 commented on Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix by tom_rule95
November 21, 2016
Toa Rori's Kanohi Calix
tom_rule95 @bakun I'd say the only one I wouldn't get is the hi-def acrylate, since you'd probably have to sand it before painting. The others come with a good enough key which would hold up to a fair bit of wear and tear.
tom_rule95 @bakun hi, I haven't added it because shapeways does not offer coloured plastics unpolished. Unfortunately polishing tends to remove some of the finer details without actually making it smoother. Higher price for worse product. You're better off painting it, using citadel or revell paints
tom_rule95 @EZDoesIt I haven't got one - did you get the address right?
tom_rule95 @EZDoesIt Commissions are still open! email me at tom.rule95@sky.com to arrange one :)
tom_rule95 @cyclonexluna hi, unfortunately Shapeways don't make gold or silver plastic. I recommend buying White strong & flexible or Frosted detail, and then you can use revell or citadel paints to get the colour you like.
tom_rule95 @Chirthorpe Hi, the guy who comissioned this in the first place just recieved his and he says it works fine, so I've put the model back up for sale.
tom_rule95 @Chirthorpe excellent, thanks for the help! :D
tom_rule95 @Chirthorpe thanks ever so much. It's designed for a metru head, do you have the same problems there? I'm sorry its all so experimental, but I can't find precise dimensions for the metru skull anywhere :/
tom_rule95 @Chirthorpe hi, I'm really really sorry that it doesn't fit. Lots of people have previously ordered this and no one has told me! I'll edit the design as soon as my laptop is fixed. Until then, I'll take it off the market. Once again, my deepest apologies. Could you provide some more in-depth description of how or why it doesn't fit?
tom_rule95 @nathan_game_freak This was done as a commission from http://just-a-drawing-cat.tumblr.com , which he designed himself. I only made the 3D printable model. I might do other Inika masks but I'm more biased towards doing commissions.
tom_rule95 commented on Kanohi Mataidentoka by tom_rule95
November 21, 2016
Kanohi Mataidentoka
tom_rule95 @valkinthewarden I would assume so. I haven't actually had a chance to try it yet!
tom_rule95 @valkinthewarden It's probably closer to a G1 mask.
tom_rule95 @andrewpeterson8888 I may eventually get round to this, yes. I don't have a template set up for g2 heads yet, so I've got to do that first.
tom_rule95 @Dimensioner I'm pretty busy at the minute, about to take a full time job. Once i settle in, I'll let you know if i can take commissions :)
tom_rule95 @TheChroniclerKnight162 No, I won't just copy the design of an existing mask.
tom_rule95 @professor_x_drehwing sorry, shapeways don't print in gold :( your best option is to get HD acrylate and paint it
Check out the latest addition to my kanohi collection! - http://shpws.me/MOjX Kanohi Mataidentoka
tom_rule95 commented on Kanohi Mask of Avidity by tom_rule95
August 21, 2016
Kanohi Mask of Avidity
tom_rule95 @voxumo they're designed to, but the original commissioner of the mask hasn't sent me any feedback yet.
tom_rule95 commented on Toa Tupac's Kanohi Mengu by tom_rule95
August 20, 2016
Toa Tupac's Kanohi Mengu
tom_rule95 @MrSSDeath21 Well, thank you! Glad you like it!
tom_rule95 Hi @Stormchaser91, you're welcome to email me at Tom.rule95@sky.com if you interested. I charge £20 to make the 3D model (£25 if no reference is supplied) and then you may order it from shapeways at their base price.
tom_rule95 @Stormchaser91 I've made one already. However if you want, you can commission an alternate design.
tom_rule95 @Stormchaser91 I don't actually know. You can ask toatupac on tumblr, its his design :)
tom_rule95 commented on Mask Of Conjuring by PocketWizardJP
March 17, 2016
Mask Of Conjuring
tom_rule95 Hi @PocketWizardJP, one of your previous clients has contacted me to ask if I can model a mask of conjuring based on this design. Are you happy for me to do this?
tom_rule95 commented on Toa Faybos' Kanohi Mektep by tom_rule95
October 1, 2015
Toa Faybos' Kanohi Mektep
tom_rule95 @nathan_game_freak hi, the problems are fixed now!
tom_rule95 @nathan_game_freak I think his was White acrylic. Sorry, this design does need repairing. I believe when he got it it broke under a little too much pressure when trying to push it into the head piece, though I've made the axle smaller since then so that problem ought to be solved.
tom_rule95 @nathan_game_freak Hi, I'm really sorry about this. Did you get charged/refunded? I'll do what i can to the 3D model but I might not be able to get it done all that soon. Someone else managed to order it previously, however it might have been in a different material.
Kanohi Mask of Sensory Aptitude (Revised)
tom_rule95 @Chirthorpe thank you! The design is based off one by dan-de-zille.tumblr.com , who originally commissioned it, so it wasn't really intended to match the comic design - however,I noticed someone else made a much more accurate one.


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