toby_kintay commented on Top d12 by ceramicwombat
April 26, 2016
Top d12
toby_kintay I bought 2 of these in metal. As with everything from Shapeways quality is beautiful. Being metal you have to put some power into spinning to get them to stay up & ion motion , but once in motion they go for days. Everyone at the game table starts of about how cool. Then in the wait for them to stop being cool & deliver a result you get a couple eye rolls & laughs. All said get a couple. Well worth the cost in cool alone
toby_kintay commented on Anatomical Heart Pendant by LHDesigns
March 5, 2016
Anatomical Heart Pendant
toby_kintay Got this in the mail yesterday in the Premium Silver. VERY pretty. my wife loved it. It has great detail & a nice weight. Thank you.
toby_kintay favorited Anatomical Heart Pendant by LHDesigns
February 24, 2016
toby_kintay commented on Thorn Dice Set with Decader by ceramicwombat
February 24, 2016
Thorn Dice Set with Decader
toby_kintay I HAD these in polished gold steel. Give them to my favorite GM (may your GOD bless your soul). These are soo beautiful. It is almost a crime to use them. Such beauty in a set of game die? Really? The pics do NOT do them justice. This is an awesome set of die. Might be a little hard to read some of them but you look soo stud slinging these beautiful pieces. NOT gonna get you love time, but will get you respect at a game table.
toby_kintay commented on Sputnik d20 by ceramicwombat
February 24, 2016
Sputnik d20
toby_kintay I had this in Polished Nickel Steel then give it to a GM that has not 1 but TWO masters degrees. He was such a great person at heart & I admire him so that when I learned he fancied this piece I could not give it fast enough as a thank you. Not sure why he liked it so much but he did. Now I am very pleased that Shapeways & ceramicwombat has made a friend very happy. Thanks
toby_kintay commented on DoubleSize Thorn d20 by ceramicwombat
February 24, 2016
DoubleSize Thorn d20
toby_kintay Every set NEEDS this die to be complete. I have spent more than I will EVER admit to my wife on die. (all from this web site). This is the most "can I see that" die in my box. Not sure if I can get this in a solid rose gold. (I have a personal limit on spending). This is awesome (sauce). If a person can only swing ONE bad ass die this is it. NO , regrets!
toby_kintay I have this in the Polished Gold & Matte Black. The size is great. The extra weight is great. Plenty big enough to read. The points are actually not sharp enough to puncture flesh but at first you think it might (guess any determined soul could get hurt with these with some effort). They will put holes in your vinyl battle map if you are not gentle with a roll. Still an awesome die. Every set needs at least one of these to make the other dies in your bag mind.
toby_kintay commented on 'Radial' D20 Gaming Die (balanced) by Foxworks
February 24, 2016
 'Radial' D20 Gaming Die (balanced)
toby_kintay Could you / would you make it available in solid rose gold? I have a personal limit on what I will spend for a die. This seems to be open enough that I think I could purchase even in rose gold. I have a feeling this would be AWESOME (sauce) at the next Pathfinder game. I have nothing in rose gold. This could be great if it comes in on or UNDER budget.
'Center Arc' dice, D20 balanced gaming die
toby_kintay This pic if the Rhodium plating is the best pic I could send & still pails in comparison to how bright & beautiful it really is IRL. It is far more bright & lustrous than the polished silver. In short if you want a show stopper in the shiny WTF is that? Rhodium is the answer. People notice the flash at any table I sit at with the GREAT stuff found here on SHAPEWAYS. Other people with metal die start to put there stuff up when mine comes out. Shapeways has ALL the hawt die in the BEST materials available. Rhodium is awsomeness
toby_kintay This is a follow up on how cool these D20's are. top is a Matte Black Steel & the bottom is the Rhodium plated. Seriously rhodium is SO shiny it is impossible to capture it's beauty. Rhodium is in the Platinum family & is used to plate a lot of jewelry. This should give you an idea the brightness (more bright than polished silver). As with all the plated die special care is needed if you plan to use them. It is just a plating. I loved the amount of action I get on a die roll & the pretty is just a great little bonus even if its a rare fumble. Polished brass is very nice too. But needs a bit more care in my experience. Still a nice look though.
toby_kintay Is it possible to get this in Rhodium Plated ? If so just send me one. I WANT it. Shapeways you know who I am bill me send it.
toby_kintay commented on Nucleus D20 by fpa76
February 24, 2016
Nucleus D20
toby_kintay @fpa76 The numbers are the only thing small. The die size is fine. My wife has M.S. & is blind in one eye & not sure if my age of 46 is more the problem or if it's all the internet porn (hehe). I think I may purchase one of these with the larger numbers. Since we fancy this die a lot. Thank you very much. Hope I was not a problem. I wish you well.
toby_kintay I got this in polished silver. Beautiful. Just hard to read. The size is a bit small in my opinion. Wife loves it too but she's not able to read it either. Good weight & plenty of action when rolled. Just small
toby_kintay commented on Happy Skull Die 1" by artfulshrapnel
December 17, 2015
Happy Skull Die 1"
toby_kintay I bought 1 of these in the white plastic. Several people in the game groups my wife & I play in had to look at it a few times over. They ALL loved it. So unique.
toby_kintay commented on D20 Priar Rose Dice by BigBene
December 17, 2015
D20 Priar Rose Dice
toby_kintay I bought 2 of these & even in the white plastic it is very beautiful. I'd love to buy 1-2 more in a metal version if it ever becomes available.
toby_kintay commented on 'Starry' D20 Balanced Gaming Die by Foxworks
November 28, 2015
'Starry' D20 Balanced Gaming Die
toby_kintay i bought this in polished brass. NICE size, easy to read. just needs extra care. keep it clean, don't touch it much & wipe it off often. perfect size to read quickly. good weight. doubt you could be disappointed.
toby_kintay commented on Jack d8 by avandius
November 28, 2015
Jack d8
toby_kintay a bit smaller than i had thought they would be. but I am still happy that i purchased 10 of these. what a beautiful set of die. very cool people love them.
toby_kintay commented on Steampunk Gaming Dice by Excentric_13073
November 28, 2015
Steampunk Gaming Dice
toby_kintay these are a beautiful set of dice. i bought 2 and wish i could have bought a set of 10. Large enough to be easy to read. Heavy enough to have presence on your table & cool enough to make you proud. a beautiful set of dice.


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