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TLP1666 added a product to a list
April 15, 2016
TLP1666 added products to a list
February 14, 2016
TLP1666 added products to a list
February 14, 2016
TLP1666 added products to a list
February 14, 2016
TLP1666 commented on Reality by ajthegeekk37
January 19, 2016
TLP1666 The "reality" is too much for too little.
TLP1666 commented on D-pad Pendant by Rolo50
November 20, 2015
D-pad Pendant
TLP1666 I bought this D-Pad Pendant to remind me of a couple of things. 1. The times I worked with Nintendo. 2. Also to remind me of all the wonderful times I had playing their games. It is a really nice design and looks just like it should. It is a pleasure to add it to my eclectic collection.
TLP1666 commented on Collarbone (Clavicle) Pendant by profguy
November 19, 2015
Collarbone (Clavicle) Pendant
TLP1666 I recently bought this clavicle because I liked the shape of it, as well as I like to collect things that are eclectic. I think that it is fan-damn-tastic! I am really pleased with it, and I am proud to add it to my collection. Overall I am impressed with this artist, and have bought other things as well. I will probably be buying more from them in the future.
"Kaiidth" (What Is, Is) Vulcan Script Pendant
TLP1666 Hello, I am so pleased to have received this Kaiidth this week. It is absolutely fantastic! I ordered it in the black matte steel to see it, and because it has not been done in silver yet. It is nice to have something besides just the com badges. It is really unique! One thing I would suggest is that you make it with a larger hole to hang it it stands right now I would not feel safe hanging it from an 18 gauge jump ring. Especially with the steel, I think it would wear out quickly. But this does not detract from the fact it is a wonderful piece! Tamara
TLP1666 commented on The Seahorse Pendant by SaraPociusLA
June 14, 2015
The Seahorse Pendant
TLP1666 I received your sea horse today....what can I say? It is absolutely beautiful in silver. I could not be happier. You have a true talent. I especially like the gives it attitude. I will cherish it, always. Tamara
Caffeine Molecule Necklace / Keychain
TLP1666 Hello, I just wanted you to know I received my caffeine pendant in silver this week. It is wonderful, I could not be more happy with it! It is beautiful, it really is. I would like to suggest that you create a Geosmin molecule. I have represents the smell of the earth after it rains. It is an organic compound....C12H22O. I think you will like it. As for the caffeine, I will wear it with pride. Tamara
TLP1666 commented on TARDIS Necklace/Charm Silver by Yosserg
April 18, 2015
TARDIS Necklace/Charm Silver
TLP1666 Nice....but after going to all that effort. Why not add "POLICE BOX" at the top all around. Not to mention after all that, you might as well add features to signify the door.


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