tkrbob4093 commented on VF-1A Gerwalk 1/285 by nismogtrr32
August 17, 2017
VF-1A Gerwalk 1/285
tkrbob4093 Can I get this in 1/350?
tkrbob4093 commented on KBB Extinction Sword by ChaosIncarnate
July 6, 2017
KBB Extinction Sword
tkrbob4093 @ChaosIncarnate I apologize, the confusion is from previous orders where misconception was created by moldings that come in pieces and measured differently than they appear
tkrbob4093 You have this listed width at 30.3cm, does that mean the length of the sword overall?
Kirito's Sword Elucidator V2 (33cm)
tkrbob4093 When you say 33cm deep, are you saying the overall length of the sword?
tkrbob4093 commented on Big Rig Wing 1/32 by THOR
April 14, 2017
Big Rig Wing 1/32
tkrbob4093 Still waiting for the Turbo Hood Wing
tkrbob4093 Were you able to resize this for a hood?
tkrbob4093 That works out well because it'll be a day or two before I could buy it (pay is on Thursday)
tkrbob4093 Can you shrink this down for a hood Turbo wing? It would be 1.3125" or 3.334cm
Tri-barrel Blaster for Evasion Optimus
tkrbob4093 Super size! 1/35 scale Age of Extinction Optimus Prime DMK-03 with upsized Tri-barrel Blaster!
tkrbob4093 Can I get this gun for leader class?
"Lockout" Carbine RESIZED 5mm post
tkrbob4093 Grimlock have big gun!
TF4: AOE Warrior Of Liberty kit (tail v2.1)
tkrbob4093 Can you do anything with the little dino arms? Those suckers come off easily and disappear. Almost all the used ones on ebay are missing theirs. Maybe a tad longer?
tkrbob4093 commented on "Sawback" RESIZED 5mm post by multihawk
February 6, 2017
"Sawback" RESIZED 5mm post
tkrbob4093 Nah, I'm not concerned. It was an easy fixable mistake and I intend to order others soon as funds allow. I will however, not let it go again so that they are aware of their mistakes
tkrbob4093 This is the 1/35 model kit of Optimus Prime (Same height as LC Prime) holding the Sawback. I haven't decided if he'll have it or maybe Leader Class Sentinel Prime. It'll be painted to match its user
tkrbob4093 No worries, I upgraded to ¼" peg by drilling a hole and adding a peg from clear acrylic rod
tkrbob4093 So, my Sawback arrived yesterday 2/2/2017 and something was missing
tkrbob4093 commented on 1/48 O Scale Robot 2 Three Legs by seventhz777z
January 26, 2017
1/48 O Scale Robot 2 Three Legs
tkrbob4093 Can these droids be scaled to 1/32?
tkrbob4093 commented on VF-1 Valkyrie Hands - A-Set by Kurisama
January 6, 2017
VF-1 Valkyrie Hands - A-Set
tkrbob4093 This is the left hand of a 1/48 VF-1, the trigger finger is separate from the others and the thumb has some movement. Can you make hands to fit this with a 3mm peg? I want him to be able to hold a rifle or sword in right hand and cup the barrel in left hand
tkrbob4093 commented on MP Prime Full Set 11-13 by CustomsByZ
October 3, 2016
MP Prime Full Set 11-13
tkrbob4093 Do you sell these hands by themselves?
Transformers Masterpiece GRIMLOCK Hands FINAL
tkrbob4093 I just got mine today, there's pieces missing. The pieces that hold the fingers on aren't here
tkrbob4093 commented on 3d Strut Shuttle 3-3 by amabate
March 22, 2016
3d Strut Shuttle 3-3
tkrbob4093 Are these for a model? What scale size would it be?
tkrbob4093 commented on YF-23 Blackwidow II 1/230 by nismogtrr32
September 24, 2015
YF-23 Blackwidow II 1/230
tkrbob4093 Last two are from "Stealth"
tkrbob4093 Sounds good, I'm still a long way from starting my carrier build and it's gonna need some mods, so no rush! If you like doing movie planes, heres a couple ideas I'd definitely love to see in 1/350
tkrbob4093 This plane would be another I'd like to see in 1/350 to put a Marine Squadron on a carrier. Which is funny in a way since only 2 were ever built and retired
tkrbob4093 commented on YF-19 Alpha 1 1/350 Scale by nismogtrr32
September 19, 2015
YF-19 Alpha 1 1/350 Scale
tkrbob4093 I don't know what methods are used to submit designs, but there are 1/285 scales if VF-1 any head all three modes, destroids and Zentradi battlepods if that helps
tkrbob4093 Thanks for getting this up so quickly. I ordered two to start, I think they'll look good on the catapults of my Space Battleship Yamato (That's how I roll) but soon I'll be looking to create an Air Wing for my carrier. If by chance you ever submit designs for a VF-1S especially with Super Armor or the third generation Alpha fighter in 1/350, let me know. Also in any mode. Thanks again, tkrbob
tkrbob4093 commented on VF 1X++ Head Unit by Kurisama
September 17, 2015
VF 1X++ Head Unit
tkrbob4093 Can this be adjusted to fit 1/72?
tkrbob4093 commented on VF-1J/K Custom Head Lasers ONLY by Kurisama
September 17, 2015
VF-1J/K Custom Head Lasers ONLY
tkrbob4093 Can these be adjust to 1/72 scale?
tkrbob4093 commented on VF-1J/K Custom Head Unit by Kurisama
September 17, 2015
VF-1J/K Custom Head Unit
tkrbob4093 Can this be adjusted in size to fit 1/72?
tkrbob4093 commented on YF-19 Alpha 1 1/200 by nismogtrr32
September 16, 2015
YF-19 Alpha 1 1/200
tkrbob4093 Can you shrink this to 1/350 scale?
B&S Cobra MK II Fighter Squadron - 12 fighter
tkrbob4093 What is the length of an individual fighter
1.25 Inch AH-64D Apache Longbow (x12)
tkrbob4093 Is this 1/350?
1/700 AH-64D Apache Longbow (x12)
tkrbob4093 Can these be made in 1/350?
1/700 YF-23 Black Widow / Grey Ghost (x12)
tkrbob4093 Can these be made in 1/350?
1/700 Mikoyan MiG-31 (Firefox) (x6)
tkrbob4093 Can these be made in 1/350?


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